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3 Simple Ways To Inspire Your Staff To Be Healthy

As an employer, you might not think that it falls within your emit to ensure that your staff are healthy. However, if the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that people’s priorities have changed when it comes to what motivates them in life. If you want to attract the finest candidates to your company, a salary might not do it anymore as people want to look after their personal well being more. If you can be an employer that can demonstrate the importance of health, personal care, and well being, you are more likely to retain your staff as they feel valued and content at work. Check out these three simple ways to inspire your staff to be healthy.

3 Simple Ways To Inspire Your Staff To Be Healthy

Health Package

To prove that you care about your staff you need to put your money where your mouth is. Yes, you can remove the vending machines with sugary snacks and introduce free fruit across the office, but you need to have more substance to your health policy. Think about utilizing the services of a company like Sana Benefits to show your staff just how much of a pastoral role you are willing to take on. Benefits packages can include dental cover, maternity care and mental wellness. By tapping into this and giving your employees the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits, you will inspire them to remain with your company. They will take less sick days and they will feel empowered to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

3 Simple Ways To Inspire Your Staff To Be Healthy

Cycle To Work

If you are keen to jump on the sustainability bandwagon as well, a cycle to work scheme could be ideal. While many people choose to commute to work using their cars, they could cycle instead. Cycling is a great way to maintain cardiovascular health as well as keeping blood pressure low, exploring the outdoors and having a smaller carbon footprint. Many mall businesses tap into local bicycle subsidy schemes enabling employees to purchase bikes at a discounted rate. If you are keen to incentivize this at work, provide an extra day off every year for those individuals who are willing to cycle to work for at least half their annual commutes.

3 Simple Ways To Inspire Your Staff To Be Healthy

Away Days

When you are partaking in team building days, forget the mundane bridge building exercises and days building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Instead, consider how you can introduce some healthier away days to your annual schedule. How about a day of orienteering? This outdoor physical activity is great for fitness, problem solving, and collaborative thinking. Or maybe you could embark on a healthy eating workshop where chefs instruct your team how to cook some amazing low calorie dishes. This interactive away day is great for team building and can inspire your staff to begin a healthier and more nutritious way of eating.

Being healthy doesn’t begin and end at home. Instead, employers need to begin to step up to the mark to show off their health credentials, attracting the brightest minds and caring for the well being of their staff.



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