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4 Additional Ways to Experience Your Best Health

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All of us are on our own, personal life journeys. If you’re reading our blog, it’s not unlikely that you’ve taken an interest in living healthily. You know this can extend your lifespan, help you feel better in your body, and also helps you feel a certain pride in your appearance and confidence.

There is essential health advice we are all aware of, and that we all hope to follow. Exercise, dieting, sleeping well, eating plenty of vegetables, using worthwhile supplements, and reducing our alcohol intake are perhaps the most common self-care methods that we are aware of. Pending any deeper disabilities or difficulties, this can help us live a much-greater life than that we may be used to. That being said, health advice is also important, even if it only applies to you.

For instance, a smoker may find that in addition to all of the above efforts, quitting this habit is high up on the list of things that would help them at this moment. So, how else can we think about our personal needs? With the following guidance, you’ll be able to define that more easily:

Clear Your Stress

Moving In A New Direction: Fixing Your Body Problems As You AgeClearing your stress is important. Think of your stress like an overcast sky, filled with clouds. This can be how muddy your thought process is when you’re struggling with stress. Worse than that, sometimes thunder can appear and leave you unable to function as you might have. 

Stress can build for a whole host of reasons. It is a survival mechanic we have developed to help us understand when we should flee a situation. Yet in modern social etiquette, fleeing is usually not acceptable. It can also be that stress accumulates when we have too much complexity to deal with in our lives, and even approaching one solution means you’re leaving ten other, growing problems unattended.

Ironically, it takes a clear and focused mind to begin that battle with strength and optimism. So, how can you clear your stress? Well, meditation has proven to be one of the most effective measures against it. From Vipassana to Transcendental to other mindfulness techniques, spending time in a still, quiet place focusing on your breathing, or on a personal mantra, can help you slowly dissolve your stress, part the clouds, and help you think more easily. 

Resolve Personal Problems So You Can Let Go

Personal problems, that is problems you regularly struggle with or threaten to take over your life, can often be big barriers in the way of your goals, hopes, and dreams. They can even prevent you from living well from day to day.

So, how can we understand the extent of a personal problem, and take measures to combat it? Well, first we have to be totally honest about what that issue may be, and how it may manifest. It might take time to understand what your needs are, and how to move forward with a decision. Everyone has their own struggles, from going ahead with a home abortion to dealing with past addiction issues or alcoholism in the present. What matters is wanting to change or to get the aid you need.

Then, speaking to a professional service for help, being honest with yourself (so you can frame the problem directly) and taking minor steps to improve based on this information will see you through. Just remember, it’s important not to think yourself alone no matter where you are. Everyone is fighting a hidden battle, and it’s important for us all to become empathetic and understand this more and more. Staying true to yourself means doing what is right for your authentic self, no matter how others may look at it. If this means you have to finally give up the ghost and admit to your boss your troubles in order to get the help you need, that’s important. Yet as we said, framing the problem correctly is always the first step.

Managing Good Habits

Managing your good habits is essential because they really do automate and make a routine of your healthy living. Perhaps you wish to intermittently fast each day, allowing your body to gain the digestive rest it needs to focus on cell growth and many other benefits.

You may decide to use apps like Zero to help track your fasting hours. Immediately after eating your last meal of the day, setting the timer will help you track your fasting hours, and notify you when you can begin eating again. This helps you move along in a timeline that’s right for you, and gives you the chance to feel more comfortable in your various dietary habits.

Additionally, apps such as MyFitnessPal allow you to scan the food you purchase and enter how much of it you’re eating, alongside some handy digital scales. This can help you calculate exactly how many calories you’re eating each day, without having to do the math yourself. If you get into the habit, you’ll be able to lose, maintain or gain weight easily, as you’ll know exactly how the things you eat are contributing to this. That, again, is a great place to start.

Curating Your Social Environment

Improving Your Lifestyle Is Simpler Than You ThinkRemember that your personal health is also social. Do those you know always seem to get into extensively dramatic and stressful situations? Do you rarely feel supported by those next to you?

Or are they also interested in living a healthy lifestyle? Are they supportive? Would they be there if you needed them, and vice versa? We are all an amalgamation of the four closest friends we have, and so it’s important to notice how social presence is affecting you, either for better or worse.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand the personal measures that translate to your particular healthy-living situation. Remember that we are all on our own journeys and that it’s okay to experiment to find what works for you. This is a marathon, not a race, and so pacing ourselves and staying proverbially hydrated is important for success.



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