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4 Headache Remedies That Work

I am a former chronic migraine sufferer and I understand how debilitating they are and how desperate we long for relief. The top priority becomes finding remedies that work quickly so we can get back to living our life. Through college I depended on pharmaceutical pills to relieve the pain and I hated it. I wanted to stop them from happening in the first place, not just treat the symptoms.

Causes of Headaches and Migraines

The causes of headaches and migraines can be complicated to sort through and one must be patient. Hard to do when life is so interrupted but it’s worth it.  The most common root causes of most headaches/chronic migraines include:

  • food allergies/sensitivities
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • dehydration
  • medications
  • spine misalignment
  • muscle weakness
  • poor posture
  • stress
  • high blood pressure
  • barometric pressure changes
  • sinus issues
  • environmental allergies

As you can see, once the root cause is discovered, helping the body heal can take time. I recommend visiting a holistic practitioner to figure out the root cause. Normally you’ll get less headaches instantly but will take time to get reduce them to a negligible number. For example, my chronic migraines and headaches were caused by three factors, my corn allergy, hormone fluctuations, and barometric pressure changes. Two out of the three are within my control and have dramatically reduced the number of headaches I get. I live in Phoenix, so there aren’t many weather changes thus I don’t get headaches often. When I do get headaches however, I refuse to depend on toxic medications. I have a handful of effective remedies I depend on instead and that is what I’m sharing with you today.

4 headache remedies

4 Natural Headache Remedies

Magnesium Lotion-Magnesium is a relaxant mineral and being deficient in it causes symptoms like headaches, muscle tightness, muscles cramps, preterm labor, kidney stones, and much more. When I have a headache or migraine, I apply magnesium lotion to the back of my neck and down to my shoulders. It instantly relaxes those muscles and brings relief. (Learn more about magnesium here.)

Water-Many headaches stem from mild (or severe) dehydration, which the majority of American’s are! Mild dehydration can actually trigger migraines in chronic migraine sufferers. This free remedy can decrease the severity and length of your headache and once hydrated, can relieve the headache all together.  It is recommended that women drink 9 glasses of water per day and men drink 13 glasses per day. I suggest adding a pinch of sea salt to water to prevent electrolyte imbalance. If you aren’t the biggest fan of water I recommend infusing water with fruit or drinking herbal tea. Soda, coffee, and caffeinated teas will only dehydrate you more.

Essential Oils-Specifically lavender and peppermint essential oils have been shown to be effective headache remedies. Peppermint stimulates blood flow and soothes muscle contractions, while lavender soothes anxiety and induces relaxation. (source) (source) You can add them to your magnesium lotion or mix a drop of each with coconut oil and rub on your temples and along your forehead.

Feverfew- When taken daily this herb is long known for preventing and easing the severity of headaches and migraines. Feverfew reduces nausea, light sensitivity and pain associated with migraines, while studies show it also reduces the frequency of headaches by 50%. It will reduce symptoms before you even dive into addressing the root cause or other strategies like I’m listing here. Pretty awesome. (source) To find the right dosage for you, contact you holistic practitioner. You can get feverfew in dried leaves and extracts. The dried leaves in capsules is what has been used in studies and I like this organic brand.

Bonus remedy- For those really stubborn headaches and migraines, I recommend visiting a chiropractor and/or acupuncturist so that you get much needed relief quickly.

What headache remedies are your go-to? Share below!

headache remedies



16 thoughts on “4 Headache Remedies That Work”

  1. I suffer from migraines and they have gotten better thankfully. A combination of Vit B12 at onset (I take in a Vit B drink mix) along with a homeopathic remedy specifically chosen for my symptoms by a ND has brought the greatest relief and reduced the severity. Thank you for this post, I will try the magnesium lotion.

    1. Marian Mitchell

      Missy, it’s great you received individual help for your triggers! Hopefully they continue to reduce in frequency as time goes on.

  2. This is great! I must admit I haven’t tried natural methods for my headaches (well, other than drinking water and taking naps — naps always works for me). I have lavender and I’m going to give that a try next time I have a headache. Thank you for the tips!

    1. Marian Mitchell

      Caffeine can help but that doesn’t really address the root cause. I think magnesium lotion and water are more effective for me personally.

  3. May try the magnesium lotion. I suffer from horrid sinus headaches in response to stirring up dust and high pollen loads in the air. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My wife suffers from migraines. I need to show her this article. I have never heard of magnesium oil or feverfew. I will check these out. Thank you for these remedies.

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