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4 Not-So-Obvious Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Health

We all know the obvious ways we damage our health. For instance, nobody thinks that scoffing a bucket of fried chicken or going three nights in a row without sleep is conducive to a long, disease-free life. 

Unfortunately, there are other ways that we harm ourselves that aren’t so obvious. Sometimes, the causes of our illness and pain are subtle and seemingly a “normal” part of life. 

Here are some ways you could be harming your health and not even realize it. 

Fad Dieting

When we go on a new diet, we’re incredibly good at rationalizing it. We know the justification for eating nothing but crabsticks, and so we run with it. 

Unfortunately, we eventually bump up against the limits of biology. At some point, it’s going to start demanding more than chunks of highly processed salted fish. And ultimately, the diet will break. 

Fad dieting, though, isn’t a laughing matter. Restricting food groups too much can lead to severe dysfunction and even long-term problems that hamper your health for years to come. 

If you go on a diet, eat widely and sufficiently. Ultra-low calorie regimens might be sustainable for a week or so, but not a month, and certainly not a year. 

Staying Up Late Answering Emails

There are two reasons for staying up late answering emails is a bad idea. The first is postural. Unless you’re using something like an ObVus stand, you’re slumped over your laptop, putting a strain on your spine. Long hours hunched over can lead to structural issues in the bones and ligaments themselves, which eventually lead to pain. 

The second factor is stress-related. Most people need to allow time to unwind before they fall into a deep sleep. If they don’t, they wind up tossing and turning when they go to bed and only get light sleep, if any at all. 

Lack Of Water

Our bodies are good at economizing water when it is in short supply, but only temporarily. If you fail to consume sufficient quantities long term, you wind up with all kinds of health issues. 

For instance, if you’re trying to move over to a high-fiber diet, drinking too little water can cause terrible bloating and flatulence. Furthermore, those who don’t drink sufficiently often wind up believing that they’re hungry, even when they’re not. 

Procrastinating Instead Of Exercising

There’s a big difference between thinking about exercise and actually doing it. While you might have planned to go for a jog or hit the gym, making it happen is what matters to your body. 

Procrastination is a way of sabotaging your future self. It’s all about indulging in luxuries today at the expense of opportunities and health tomorrow

A great way to break through procrastination is simple to stand up and commit to doing something for five minutes. So, for instance, you could take your bike out of the shed and just go for a ride. When you do, you soon notice that it’s not so bad and that you want to keep cycling, well beyond the timer. 

4 Not-So-Obvious Ways You're Sabotaging Your Health



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