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4 Ways to Fall in Love With Fitness

Some of us love to exercise from day one. We can’t wait to get up and get our hearts racing. Some of us are the complete opposite and the thought of doing anything even vaguely fitness-related fills us with dread.

If you identify more with the latter kind of person, you might think you are resigned to a life without fitness, but that really does not have to be the case! It is perfectly possible to fall in love with fitness even if you have hated it in the past.

Sound good? Here are a few things you can do to fall in love with fitness and fall fast:

Take it slow and be kind to yourself

If you aren’t a fitness fanatic, there is no point jumping in all guns blazing; ease yourself into exercise, and treat yourself with kindness and compassion when something isn’t for you. Falling in love with fitness is a process, and if you beat yourself up too soon, you will give up before you start to feel it.

Try lots of things

Some people think they hate exercise when really they only hate track or aerobics or football and since that is the only thing they have tried, they think fitness is not for them. In order to fl in love, you need to find the perfect fitness partner for you, and that takes some trial a d error, just like you need to date for a while to find the perfect romantic partner.

You might hate running, but you may well fall in love with circuit training and start attending every day, heck, you may even end up hitting up to train as an instructor one day! This might sound unlikely, but when you find the sport you love, you fall hard and fast and your fitness life changes completely.

Do it with a friend

If you hate exercise, then bring a friend along to get fit with you. You can have fun talking with them as you work out and it will make it seem like a fun opportunity to catch up rather than a chore to get through. Pretty soon, you will start to actively enjoy your exercise sessions because it means you get to hang out with your friend, and once you see the results, well they will speak for themselves.

Focus on how amazing your body is

Instead of focusing on losing weight or looking more toned in your clothes, think about how exercise helps you to be stronger, to run around with your kids more effectively, to experience fear aches and pains at work, and so on. Put the focus on how exercise enhances your life by making your body fitter and you will start to love it so much more.

Fitness is so important if you want to live a healthy, happy life for as long as possible, so whatever else you do, make an effort to fall in love 2ith fitness today.




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