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5 Common Dental Care Mistakes To Avoid

Want to keep your teeth clean and healthy? Here are a few common dental care mistakes that could be costing you your smile.

Brushing too hard

Many people don’t realize that it’s possible to brush too hard. Vigorous brushing can wear away the enamel. This will not only make your teeth extremely sensitive, but it could also make them appear yellow by exposing the dentin underneath. Whilst you should apply pressure when brushing teeth, you should brush only in small light circles. An electric toothbrush can sometimes be better at achieving this.

Using the same toothbrush for more than 4 months

After four months, most toothbrushes become fairly ineffective. This is because the end of the bristles wear down, no longer providing the abrasion needed. Make sure to replace your toothbrush/electric toothbrush head every four months. You should also replace your toothbrush after being ill or sick – this won’t have any impact on your teeth, but it could stop you giving yourself back a bug that you’ve previously had.

Not flossing

Plaque can build up in between teeth where it is often inaccessible to a toothbrush. Not only can this wear down the enamel, but it can contribute to gum disease. The best way to clean between your teeth is to use dental floss, which you can buy online and in most convenience stores. By pulling this gently between your teeth you can clear away any debris.

Ignoring a toothache

You should always see a dentist the moment you get a toothache. Pain could be a sign of infection – if caught early, this may be easily curable with antibiotics, but if caught late, this could result in root canal treatment or tooth extraction being needed. Not only could seeing a dentist early prevent the need for unpleasant treatment, but it could dramatically reduce the costs. There could also be other serious treatments needed such as wisdom teeth removal that you don’t want to ignore. All in all, it’s best to book a dentist appointment the moment you start experiencing continuous pain.   

Skipping regular check-ups

Pain shouldn’t be the only motive for visiting the dentist. Regular check-ups can be important too for spotting other problems early. This could include tartar build-ups or swollen gums, which may not always cause pain at first. You should ideally visit the dentist twice per year, but once per year may be enough. If you’re worried about costs, take your time comparing prices before signing up with a dental surgery. Some dentists may even be able to send you alerts when you need another check-up. 



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