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5 Healthy Alternatives to Water

Whatever your water-drinking circumstances may be, we hear it all of the time: ‘drink more water!’ And whilst this phrase may be wasted on you (well done water drinker!), some of us would just rather drink other, tastier things. But don’t fear! You can still get all of the hydration you need from these five healthy alternatives, which don’t include the added sugar and calories you’ll find in other soft drinks. Sounds great, huh?


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Sparkling water

Sparkling water is one healthy alternative to the plain old H2O, and is as close as carbonated drinks come to being recommended by health professionals. It is also thought to aid digestion, so not only is it a great way of staying hydrated, but it also has its health benefits. On top of this, it makes you feel full, so will aid weight loss. A win-win for the sparkling water.

Coconut water

If you’re looking for a healthy water replacement, then coconut water is one of the best natural choices out there. It has been proven to lower blood pressure and hydrate you well, and it has a host of great nutrients inside it. Many other sources report that it is good for keeping your heart healthy and could help with diabetes, so next time you’re thirsty, reach for some coconut water!

Flavored water

Some flavored drinks have hidden sugars and other ingredients that aren’t really good for you, but if you can get your hands on a natural and sugar-free alternative – like Hint’s flavored water – then it’s a good choice instead of your usual glass from the faucet. Again, stay natural and avoid unhealthy amounts of sugar. You can also make your own fruit and herb infusions! I have six recipes for you over here.

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Green tea

Green tea also has health benefits that aren’t widely known, such as improving blood flow and helping with issues related to cholesterol. It also fights disease, so as an alternative to water it is definitely a good choice. Not only this, but it will leave you feeling refreshed and healthy, and is good as an after-meal beverage. Whilst coconut water may cost you a bit more, green tea can also be quite cheap, so it’s good for staying healthy on a budget.

Vegetable juice

Whilst high in sodium, vegetable juices are also good alternatives as they are full of nutrients and aren’t high calorie. If you can’t find any flavours out there that you like, then making your own at home is also really easy; all you need is a blender and a bit of creativeness. You can use fruit or vegetables, or a combination of both. Just work out what you like, and the health benefits will follow!

So, there we have it. Five great and healthy alternatives to water, for those who just don’t feel satisfied by it or want to change up their routine. Try a few out, and see what helps you to stay hydrated, whilst not neglecting your tastebuds. As long as you avoid the high sugar drinks, you could be giving your health a hand!

5 healthy alternatives water

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