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5 Quick Tips About Assisted Living

We all know an increasing number of our elderly stay at home, and some will eventually require assisted living. There has been an interesting trend of improved health status, higher levels of activity, and more productivity among the elderly, and mortality risks are lower due to modern dietary advances. Familiarity gives them emotional security and that is why it may be a scary thought to transition into a new life at these facilities.

In order to ease the temporary discomfort of this move, let’s make it as predictable and comfortable as possible for our senior citizens.

Make it a Team Effort

When relocating your elderly parents to their new facility, involve your family. Don’t take all the responsibility on yourself, rather consult with your siblings. Your relatives can assist to make the transition as comfortable as possible. You will be able to help your elderly parents feel included and loved. It will take some effort and support but eventually, they will be happy and content.

Prepare Them for the Adventure

Let your parents know that this transition might be challenging. Preparing them mentally will assist in keeping their anxiety levels in check. It is essential to communicate with them so discuss the adventure over a hearty meal and let them share their thoughts with you. Remember to acknowledge that this move can be scary, especially if they feel they will be emotionally isolated. Dispel these fears by putting a communications plan together. They are not alone, and you are just a phone call away.

Arrange Regular Visits

A large calendar on the wall with clearly marked days when you plan to visit may assist them in feeling that they have some level of predictability and something to look forward to. This change in living conditions may create a feeling of loneliness as it can be difficult for them now that you will not be there when they need you. Your visiting schedule will help them anticipate when they are in your presence again. A smooth transition for them will keep their spirits up allow you to just sit down with them to have a nice cup of tea.

A Few of Their Favorite Things

Be sensitive to the fact that people have things that they deeply care about. A favorite mug, a trusted pair of shoes, a specific blanket, or their priceless collection of books. Help them feel at home in their new environment by including a few of their favorite things. After a life with countless memories, let them enjoy the moments when they reminisce.

Explore New Things on Offer

Their new facility will have amenities and service offerings waiting to be explored. Whether it is visiting a salon, playing a game of chess, or eating out at a fancy restaurant, let them get to know their new surroundings. Keep in mind that you should not overwhelm them with activities so start at a slow pace and let them dictate the tempo at which they want to comfortably explore. Assisted living can be a beautiful chapter in their blessed lives.

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