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5 Tips To Prevent Boredom Eating

Boredom eating is very real and it often prevents us from achieving our health goals, especially weight loss. We’re sitting at our desk or on the couch, we’re bored, and before we know it we’ve eaten a banana, a bowl of pretzels, string cheese, a bag of chips, a bowl of grapes, and maybe more. We feel disgusted with ourselves but we don’t even remember doing it! How does one prevent this from happening? Well, I have 4 strategies that do help.

#1 Drink Water First

Before grabbing food, grab a large glass of water. Drink it all before going back to the fridge and pantry. Not only does this help delay eating, oftentimes dehydration is mistaken for hunger. You might not be hungry at all, your body needs water. So drink up, wait 15-30 minutes, then see how you feel.

#2 Eat At Your Dining Table Only

Don’t eat at your desk, on the couch, or in bed. Eat all your food, including snacks, at a table. This often means you have to stop what you’re doing, get up, move around, then sit down somewhere else. That break and change of scenery is often enough to stop the “hunger” feeling, thus preventing boredom eating.

#3 Start Your Day with Fat, Fiber, & Protein

When you feel full, you’re less likely to snack. Skip the carbs at breakfast and instead start your day with a meal that will make you feel full and sustain you for 4-5 hours. A fat, fiber, & protein breakfast looks like sauteed vegetables cooked in butter topped with 2 eggs (like this one), a green smoothie with coconut milk and protein powder, or my coconut flour blueberry muffins. You’ll find you don’t have those blood sugar drops 2 hours after breakfast if you eat this way and save your carbs for dinner.

#4 Make Sure Your Meals Taste Good

So many times, I see people who are trying to get healthy eating the most bland, boring meals on the planet. If you want sustainable weight loss you’re going to want to learn how to make meals that taste good and support your health goals at the same time. Two of my favorite ways to do this are to keep a variety of sauces and a vast collection of herbs and spices on hand. The exact same meal can taste about 8 different ways depending on what sauce or seasoning you use on it. When your meals taste good, you’re less likely to go find an unhealthy snack to satisfy your taste buds.

#5 Change Your Scenery

Before heading to the fridge, pantry, or breakroom vending machine, go for a quick walk around your work building or down your street and back. This gives your brain a chance to take a break, move your blood, and again, delay eating something you’re not really actually hungry for. You’ll be amazed at how little you snack when you take active breaks regularly. They also help clear our head and make us more productive. It’s a win-win.

Boredom eating happens. You can prevent it with these 5 strategies. Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let me know!

5 Tips To Prevent Boredom Eating



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