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A Gluten Free Kid’s Birthday Party

What a busy week last week was! I turned the big Three O and the very next day my little turned 2. Time sure does fly, I can’t even believe it. With my daughter having Celiac Disease, all food at her birthday party is 100% gluten free. I know that it can be struggle to figure out what to feed gluten eating people and keep them from complaining about it. Today I’m sharing with you the menu we had at my daughter’s party and everything was a hit.

This past Saturday we had a wonderful birthday party at our local park.A big shout out to  Chelsi Lemons from Two Lemons In Love who did a fantastic job event styling for us. I absolutely loved how she put together our Minnie Mouse themed party at a park. Not only was she absolutely amazing to work with, she helped me plan out the food. I don’t think I can ever go back to not having an event stylist for parties. It saved me so much stress and everything was absolutely perfect.


A Gluten Free, Minnie Mouse Themed 2 Year Old's Birthday Party


gluten free table display


Having a gluten-free birthday party doesn’t have to be complicated. Costco is our best friend. They have a large selection of gluten-free foods available and the prices are hard to beat.

gluten free costco cart

The few things we couldn’t find at Costco we got at my favorite local health food store, Sprouts Farmer’s Market. We kept the food simple and picnic style. Everything on the menu was a huge hit and made my heart so happy. I love when people enjoy the food as much as the company, especially when everyone knows it’s going to be overall healthy and gluten-free.

On the menu was:

chicken salad with gluten free crackers gluten free birthday party


My Curried Chicken Salad and Classic Chicken Salad  with gluten-free CrunchMaster Crackers

Chips with guacamole and salsa

Chips with Guacamole and Salsa (not so healthy but delicious)

gluten free birthday party veggie platter

Veggie Tray with Ranch Dip (a regular at parties)

gluten free birthday party dessert ideas

The Dessert Side included:

Chocolate covered apple slices (enjoy life chocolate chips melted with a teaspoon of coconut oil)


Gluten free Whoopie Cookies (From The BabyCakes Cookbook)

Strawberry Infused Lemonade

Lemonade with frozen strawberries (organic lemonade from Costco) and of course water

It was a wonderful party full of love, laughter and happy taste buds. No one felt like they missed out on anything and everyone was able to enjoy the party worry free, most importantly the birthday girl (and her parents.)



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