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A Healthy 4th Of July Party- A Gluten Free Recipe Round Up

4th of July Recipe Round up

I love celebrating the Fourth of July. Well honestly, I just love any excuse to get a bunch of friends and family together. Around here we love to swim and barbecue. Those of us who have food sensitivities have it a bit tougher for big parties. However, it is my goal in life to make sure that no one is missing out, feeling left out or deprived. I have rounded up some delicious gluten free recipes that everyone, food sensitivities or not, can enjoy.

Before we get to the recipes, I think it’s a good idea to discuss some strategies on preventing contamination at parties.

  1. Approach The Host. If you feel comfortable approaching them before the party, let them know that you can’t have xyz. They do not have to accommodate you, but you just want to know what types of food and drinks will be there. This will let you know what to expect and how to prepare. Those of us with food sensitivities have to always be prepared.
  2. Bring Your Own Dish (or Two). It is essential that you have food you know is safe. It is also a great idea to show others that gluten free (or other food sensitivities/eating lifestyles) are not boring, lacking or depriving. The host will hopefully appreciate the help in feeding everyone as well. Win-win.
  3. Bring small containers of your dishes for you. It is pretty much guaranteed that cross contamination is going to happen. Someone will use a spoon that was in another dish, or their own utensil that touched something containing gluten. It truly is better to be safe than sorry. At the same time you are still eating some of the same things as everyone else, so there’s less separation. You might want to take it a step farther and bring a few paper plates and plastic utensils just in case they don’t have any.
  4. Digestive Enzymes. It is a good idea to take digestive enzymes before going. If you do get contaminated, then at least there are enzymes there to help break it down faster. Therefore, you suffer for a shorter duration.

Now that we have ideas on how to be safe, let’s dive into some recipes!

paleo kabobs

Gluten Free Hawaiin Chicken Kabobs

Fruit salad with mint and limeA simple and delicious fruit salad without all the sugar and chemical filled marshmallow cream, cool whip or pudding from a box.

classic potato salad

Classic Potato Salad

7 layer dip with chip

7 Layer Dip

cold quinoa salad with apples, cranberries and mint 2

Rainbow Quinoa salad with Apple, Cranberries and Mint

Quinoa Shrimp Fiesta SaladQuinoa Shrimp Fiesta Salad

fudgy almond flour brownies grain free gluten free

Gluten Free Coconut Flour Brownies

Healthy Lemonade 3

A delicious and healthy lemonade 

A few other staples at our family parties are veggie trays and salsa with gluten free chips. I also love to grill large strips pineapple and halved peaches.

I hope you have a fantastic week and holiday weekend.

Live Healthy and Whole,



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