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Are the berries you pick the sweetest? How to tell

Finally!! Berries are in season! I am so tired of inspecting berries and seeing that they would be sour. My kids are tired of sour berries they kept talking me into buying…well the 5 year old did. I’ve learned through a lot of trial and error how to recognize sweet berries from sour or tasteless berries.

Look at these 2 examples. Notice the size and plumpness (I don’t know if that’s a word but it sounds good). The smaller berries are sour and the bigger berries are sweet. The plumper the berries, the sweeter they are. So when you’re inspecting containers of berries, make sure there are way more plump, large berries in ratio to smaller ones. ALSO, make sure there is no berry juice at the bottom of the container and look for mold. Juice on the bottom suggests there is already mold in the container even if you can’t see it. And obviously, if you can already see mold, it’s not worth trying to see if you can eat around it. It’s probably made it’s way through most of the container.

So now you have them home. They don’t last very long. Sometimes not even til tomorrow morning! Very frustrating. I have a secret for you. Apple Cider Vinegar, or as I like to call it, ACV. Fill up your sink, or large bowl, with water. Add 1/8-1/4 cup ACV, depending on if you’re using a large bowl or the sink, fill with fruit and let soak for 5 minutes. Then scoop them out and dry with papertowels. Then store back in the containers you bought them with a piece of papertowel on the bottom.


Mold is only attracted to dead things. Cleaning your berries, and other fruit, with ACV, it tricks the mold into thinking they are alive and will last several days longer for you!

So buy the 4 for $5 and eat to your hearts content. Berries are low calorie, super high in nutrients and won’t raise your blood sugar. If you still can’t eat them fast enough, freeze and use in smoothies later.

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