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Don’t Forget To Look After Your Mind, Too!

As we age, the majority of us do what we can to keep our bodies in top health. We embark on exercise or undertake extensive diets – all the better for a long and fruitful life. Yet, through all these efforts, many of us forget (somewhat ironically) to factor for brain health. You can’t see your mind, after all, and you may make the mistake of assuming this part of your body can take care of itself. But you’d be wrong. 5.8 million Americans now have Alzheimer’s, and cases are occurring at younger ages than ever as neglect continues in this area. Worse, when dementia sets in, individuals are rendered entirely incapable of keeping on top with other aspects of health. You could argue, then, that brain health should be a priority rather than an afterthought. Luckily, your efforts to care for your body elsewhere may well have a positive effect on brain health in themselves, but don’t leave this to chance. Alongside other healthy lifestyle efforts, you should also focus on the following brain-focused options. 

# 1 – Brainteasers

Brain teasers are, by far, the best ways to exercise your brain, and you don’t even need to move out of your chair to do them! Forget heading to the gym and repping brain weights (imagine!). Instead, make an effort to flex those brain muscles as you’re relaxing. Too often, we get into the habit of watching television that doesn’t test us. That’s terrible news for brain health! Instead, take up hobbies like knitting or puzzle making. You could even just keep a crossword book with you when you’re chilling. Each of these can be fantastic healthy outlets in themselves, and they’re akin to repping above your body weight at the gym. 

# 2 – Natural brain solutions

Natural remedies are coming to the fore as preferable health options for various conditions, and brains are no different. Most notably in recent years, researchers are exploring the anti-inflammatory and Alzheimer’s-fighting benefits of cannabis. As such, investing in a few pre rolls for your evening routine could keep your mind ticking over If you don’t fancy a high, CBD also carries those same benefits and is now available in a range of easy-use forms. And, of course, cannabis isn’t the only natural answer. Even something as simple as a diet rich in leafy greens could help to keep brain health steady.

# 3 – The power of new experiences

Going through the same motions every day can cause brain laziness, and ultimately deterioration. That’s why older adults confined to home often experience problems more often, and it’s why you should embrace new experiences at all times. Top of that list should be heading out for walks in new places and letting the power of nature work wonders on your mind as well as your body. Equally, new career challenges or learning opportunities can all keep your brain fighting fit, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your body without worry.



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