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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness For Busy People

corporate wellness

Take better care of your employees, so they take better care of your business.

With the rising costs of running a business, finding ways to cut costs while ensuring your employees are happy and enjoy coming to work is imperative. A wellness program is exactly what is needed to help you achieve these goals. The Institute of HealthCare Consumerism tells us that companies who have implemented an effective wellness program experienced significant cost reductions and financial gains with the following averages:

  • 28% reduction in sick days
  • 31% reduction in stress and health-related absences
  • 32% reduction in turnover rates
  • 25% reduction in health insurance premiums
  • A savings-to-cost ratio of nearly 6 to 1

However, it is not just about cost reduction. The work environment and culture matter too! Finding ways to promote good nutrition and incorporate stress management techniques, lead to an energized environment where employees feel genuinely good about coming to work each day. Studies have shown us that employees who feel invested in and cared about are more productive, happier, more innovative, and have greater loyalty to their company.

A productive wellness program will give you and your team the tools they need to incorporate healthy habits into their busy schedules. Workshop topics range from what and why to eat for sustained energy, how to meal prep for both in-the-office and on-the-road and more to address the immediate needs employees have and give them easy to implement strategies.  Taking it further, individual consults with your employees on-site give them a personalized approach to strengthen, build trust, encourage the wellness plan and will equip them to attain their health goals.

The Road To Living Whole Approach

It is our passion to bridge the gap from knowing what we need to do to be healthy, to actually living it out. We not only dive deep into different aspects of health, but participants also walk away excited and armed with practical and easy to apply action steps they can start doing right away.

With our workshops and programs your employees and program participants will:

  • Be excited to eat better
  • Have increased energy
  • Enjoy reduced stress
  • Have help achieving their weight-loss goals
  • Show increased productivity at home and work
  • Get better and more restful sleep
  • Use less sick days
  • Enjoy an improved overall mood

We recognize that change doesn’t come easily. Our mission is to work with your staff to help them stay on track in both business and life, equipping them with the tools they need for long-term health and productivity – which in turn is proven to increase employee loyalty, productivity, and happiness on the job. Your employees will be feeling more valued, take pride in their work, be more engaged, and energized to take on the tasks given to them.

With every workshop we provide:

  • A cooking demo and tasting
  • 5-day meal plan with shopping list and recipes
  • Handouts with more tips, tricks, and resources

Our Most Popular Lunch and Learn Topics Include:

Eating For Energy

  • Energy-zapping foods
  • Energy-giving foods
  • Healthy snack ideas
  • Avoid the 2 o’clock crash
  • Tips for better, more rejuvenating sleep
Detox & Weight Loss

  • Learn what detox is & isn’t
  • Which foods aid and hinder this process
  • How to detox properly
  • Easy to implement tips for weight loss in a work environment
Cold & Flu Prevention

  • Learn what foods suppress the immune system
  • Which foods are immune-boosting
  • Immune-boosting supplements
  • Natural cold and flu remedies
  • Practical lifestyle tips to reduce the chances of getting ill
12-Hour Day and Healthy – Cooking demonstration

  • Understand the importance of eating well
  • Learn how to meal prep effectively for a busy schedule
  • Learn how to eat well on the go
  • What prepackaged foods to keep on hand for those days we’re out of food
Busting Stress & Boosting Happiness

  • Understanding the true effects of stress – Mind, Body, and Soul
  • The role food and diet plays in stress
  • Practical diet and lifestyle tips to mitigate stress and enjoy life and work more
Optimal Gut Health

  • Causes and solutions for heartburn, bloating, and other digestive ailments
  • How to identify food sensitivities
  • Proper diet and supplements for healthy and happy digestion

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