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Our bodies are amazing. Our liver, kidneys, skin, intestines all do an amazing job of processing toxins. However, our bodies are bombarded by so much in these modern times. Our soaps, lotions, makeup, carpets, paints, plastic in cars, detergents, cleaning products, and most notably, our food, are full of 100s of man made chemicals and our bodies can only filter so much. When there are more toxins than the filtering organs can handle, toxins are stored in our adipose tissue. Also known as our fat cells.

They say that somewhere around 70% of our immune system is concentrated in our digestive tract. When we eat most processed foods like enriched wheat flour, boxed cereals, crackers, chips, candy bars, bakery cakes and cookies and coffee, man made preservatives, trans fats, etcetera, it takes a hard toll on our immune system. When we go on a healthy detox, also known as a cleanse, it gives our digestive system break. When this happens, the immune system and our filtering organs are able to focus on stored toxins in our fat cells.

When toxins are able to be excreted out of the body we lose weight, our skin clears up, we feel lighter and have more energy. Who doesn’t want that?! However, a detox needs to be safe, gentle and preferably, keep you losing weight once the detox is over.

How do you know if you need to detox? You feel sluggishbloated and heavy. You can’t hold your alcohol like you use to, or eat foods that you normally could eat. You’re constipated. You have frequent headaches, bouts of nausea, and, if you’re a menstruating woman, severe P.M.S. You just don’t feel good…ever.

Now the question becomes, what is a healthy way to detox? Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., author of UltraMetabolism, recommends a moderate, whole food based detox program. They are safer, more beneficial and less likely to negatively affect metabolism. The moderate, whole food based programs result in significant improvements in health, help people adjust their eating habits permanently and because of this, weight continues to fall off and then is more easily maintained once ideal weight has been reached. Detoxing is not a cure all but it’s a step in the process of maintaining your health and looking and feeling your absolute best. The point is to enjoy your life now and to do that, you need energy, vitality and confidence.

While detox is truly a lifestyle, you can temporarily give your body a nutritional boost by doing the following:

Eliminate All Grains-grains are inflammatory and full of a mineral blocker called phytic acid. Giving your system a temporary break can reduce inflammation, promote healing, and allow your body to absorb the nutrients you are consuming.

Eliminate All Refined and Artificial Sweeteners. Yes, even cane sugar. Sugar is inflammatory and promotes disease. Taking a break cold turkey for a length of time will give you more energy, clear up your skin, and reduce aches and pains.

Add In Vegetable Juice. Fruit based juices are essential sugar. A little fruit can sweeten a vegetable juice but you want it to be no more than an 80/20 ratio of vegetables to fruit. Juice with a meal is a fantastic way to boost detox and give your body easy access to all the wonderful nutrients plants have to offer you.

Drink Lemon In Your Water. Lemon is alkalizing once inside the body. We also get a dose of vitamin C and the water tastes great. Most Americans are mildly chronically dehydrated. Water is essential to every function in the body and aides in the elimination of toxins.

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