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Food That Makes The Soul Happy

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Food is the way to pretty much anyone’s heart, and that’s what we love about it. If you’re having a bad day, you might comfort eat. Or, if you’re going out with friends for food, you might do that little food dance as you start eating. It’s because, for the majority of people, food is a surefire way to their heart and their soul. However, we’re not always eating the foods that are helping us to find a healthy balance with our bodies, and one of the reasons why you might feel like you’re carrying that sluggish feeling around is because you’re not putting the right foods into your body. You might think that the right foods for your soul are chocolate and cake, and we can’t deny that they do play a big part in it. So, we have put together this post to try and inspire you to eat food that is going to make your soul happy and your body feeling healthy. Keep on reading to find out more.

Straight To The Sweet Treats

Sweet treats are pretty much the way to anyone’s heart, we won’t deny that. But it’s all about making sure that you find a happy balance so that you’re not carrying that sluggish feeling around. A sweet treat such as profiteroles doesn’t go amiss, and you could even make them for yourself at home. If you’re wondering what are profiteroles? They’re a little ball of heaven. Inside is usually cream that’s sweet and tasty, a layer of chocolate on top, and a thing pastry casing. They’re pretty hard to make for anyone who isn’t savvy in the kitchen, but you can also buy them from the shops. Just a few of these are enough to crave your sweet tooth. There are so many other sweet treats that you could buy, and as long as you’re only having one a day alongside a healthy diet, you’re feeding your soul with what it needs.

Healthy Meals With An Unhealthy Taste

It’s all about the illusion of taste and how you can make unhealthy meals feel like they’re healthy. One way of doing so is burgers. When you think about burgers you might think about all of these crazy restaurants who are selling burgers towered high. However, you can make them yourself using mincemeat and flavorings, and cook them in a low calorie and fat oil, and you’ve got yourself a healthy burger. It really is as simple as that. Garnish it how you want, but make sure you’re grilling the bacon if that’s what you’re using. Burgers are just one example of a healthy dish that tastes unhealthy, there are so many more on the internet for you to do.

Comfort Eating Done Differently

If you’re going to comfort eat, you might as well do it with a healthy twist. You could make Eton mess, but rather than using cream, use a low-fat yogurt. Sprinkle in some meringue and fruit, and you’ve got yourself a deliciously fruity, comfort eating style dish.



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