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Foundations for Living with Autoimmune Disease Webinar

foundations for living with autoimmune disease webinar

Being diagnosed with, or even suspecting you have, autoimmune disease is overwhelming to say the least. You are glad to finally have an answer but you don’t want to live with the symptoms and be on these harsh medications the rest of your life either. There are lots of doctors and health people talking about autoimmune disease and how to live symptom-free, but it’s difficult to even know where to begin.

Having worked with people in this exact same scenario for over 6 years, co-writing a book about how to eat for AI realistically, I decided I needed to add one more resource on this topic. This webinar. I wanted to give people who are trying to figure this all out a solid place to start. Learn about what is and isn’t in their control, and a solid action plan, that isn’t overwhelming, to begin on their healing journey.

Included in this webinar:

  • Foundations for Living with Autoimmune Disease webinar
  • Printable PowerPoint presentation for note-taking and an added resource
  • Action Plan handout
  • Autoimmune Protocol Information

While you can spend hundreds of hours researching articles online, reading the many fantastic books about recovering from autoimmune disease and living symptom-free, and jumping from supplement to supplement, drug to drug, my goal is to save you time. It took me 7 years to figure this all out. I’d love to save you that time, so you can get to feeling like yourself again more quickly than I did. This is a great place to get started!

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