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Four Ways To Prevent Getting A Bug

Getting sick is not something anyone wants and tries to avoid in whatever way possible. If you’re someone who is looking to prevent themselves from getting a bug, then there are a few precautions you can take on a daily basis to reduce this risk. Here are four ways to prevent getting a bug.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins are an important part of what your body needs in order to function at it’s best and when it’s lacking those vitamins and nutrients, it can leave your body more vulnerable to any bacteria or bugs that may be going around. It’s something that’s actively worth doing every day in order to keep your body working at the best capacity possible.

When taking vitamins, consider consulting with your doctor or nutritionist about what you might be lacking. Your doctor could find that you’re lacking in specific minerals or nutrients that could be contributing to you getting sick a lot of the time.

Be Wary Of Bacteria On Surfaces

There’s a lot of bacteria on our surfaces that we just don’t see and whilst it’s great that we have advancements like UVC germicidal irradiation to keep people safe from COVID-19, there’s still a lot more awareness and caution that we could do with taking. When it comes to going outside, always make sure to carry some hand sanitizer with you in order to wash your hands when water and soap aren’t readily available.

Avoid putting your hands on anything in a public place where possible, especially when it comes to public transport. Make sure that you don’t put your hands near your face until you’ve washed them after touching things in public. The same goes for when you’re about to eat.

Stay Well Rested

Staying well rested is important because there are going to be times where you are feeling run down and the lack of sleep you get is going to contribute to you getting more sick. With that said, try to catch up on rest as and when you need it. There may be times where you can find that extra few hours to catch up on some sleep, whether you’re having an afternoon nap or perhaps a little lie in.

Try to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night where you can. This is the recommended amount that will make sure you feel energized for the day ahead.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is helpful in flushing out your body of all the bad stuff that sticks around or doesn’t agree with you. Your body needs hydration when it’s run down, especially when you are in that beginning stage of feeling sick or ill. Try to knock back as much water as possible, ideally around a liter or two per day. It’s a lot when you might not normally drink that much, but it’s definitely something that will make a difference to your health.

Getting a bug is something to try and reduce as much as possible so, with these tips, you’ll certainly be able to prevent yourself from doing so!

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