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Gluten Free Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter around the corner I started looking into gluten free Easter basket and candy ideas for a huge Easter egg hunt my family will be joining in. I wanted to send the hosts a list of options so all the candy would be gluten free so no one feels left out. Searching for a list proved limited and uninspiring. I don’t want the kids feeling jipped! So I decided to do the research myself and found tons of wonderful allergen friendly options. Some you will be able to find at a local health food store (such as Sprout’s or Whole Foods), and some you will need to order online. I am excited to share this list with you!

Note: Always, always, always read labels. Companies can change their recipes at any time.

The Sweet Stuff

Surf Sweet Candies– offers a variety of gummies and jelly beans.

Yummy Earth Candies-offers lollipops, drop candies, gummies, and sour jelly beans.

Gimbal’s Candy-wide variety of jelly bean flavors, lavaballs, and licorice.

Premium Chocolatiers– Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Truffles, bars, peanut butter cups and more.

Amanda’s Own– jelly beans, sunbutter cups (nut free!), chocolate in a variety of shapes,  and chocolate bars.

Enjoy Life– granola bars, cookies, chocolate bars

Indie Candy-chocolate covered marshmallows, lollipops, gummies, truffles, fudge, chocolate and more.

Non-speciality M&M’s (i.e. no special easter colors or specialty flavors. They do not guarantee these to be safe)

Traditional Peeps (always check the label to be sure)

Hershey’s Kisses (Not other Easter themed chocolate products though)

Starburst candy

Tootsie Rolls

Necco Candy Eggs

Non-Candy Ideas

After going through this list, I realized I don’t want my kids completely sugared up. For my family, I try to keep the focus on the Resurrection while including the traditional fun. So,this led to me thinking about their baskets. I needed some non candy ideas. Here are some ideas my friends and I came up with: 

Bouncy balls



Temporary tattoos (my son’s personal favorite)


Stuffed animals



Paddle balls

Card games


Sidewalk Chalk

Homemade gluten free play dough (recipe)

Mini travel games

Kid sized garden tools

Doll/action figure

Nail polish or jamberries

Hair accessories

Small lego projects

After all this brainstorming and research, I am greatly looking forward to all the Easter activities!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Gluten Free Easter Basket Ideas
Gluten Free Easter Basket Ideas

If you need to go 100% gluten free, want to shorten your learning curve while still enjoying life, you can check out my Thrive Gluten Free-12 Day Jumpstart.



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