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Healthy Asian Food Everyone Should Try

If you are thinking of trying to eat a little healthier, you should never hopefully find yourself thinking that you need to avoid certain cuisines as part of that. Most cuisines around the world have their own healthy kind of food that you can try out and include in your diet, and that’s something that is a good idea to bear in mind. This is certainly true of Asian food, which is one of those cuisines that most people like in some form or other. Here are some of the healthy Asian foods that everyone should try at some point or another.


If you have not tried a Vietnamese pho before, it is a truly delicious dish that is well worth trying to perfect in your own home. It is essentially a kind of fragrant noodle soup, and it is packed full of flavor when it’s made right. Usually there will be plenty of chillies, a lot of coriander and lemongrass and other such ingredients, and you might be able to pack it out with some chicken, prawns or both. However you do it, it really is a delicious dish that you should be trying out at some point or another.


Although sushi comes in many forms, and it is not always going to be healthy, there are ways to make it a little healthier, and that’s something that you should be aware of if you are keen on trying to make them yours. In general, homemade sushi rolls are a lot healthier than those that you might buy somewhere else, so that is definitely a reason to try them out too. Sushi is really delicious and you can pack it full of whatever healthy foods you like for a snack or an entire meal, so this is something to look into.

Vegetable Fried Rice

You can’t really go wrong with this dish in any sense. For one thing, it is healthy, and there is nothing that you are going to need to worry about when you are eating it in terms of your health. But it’s also really yummy, and you can put whatever vegetables you like into it. It is also a very easy dish to make, and one that you can throw together in moments if you just need something to eat right now. All in all, vegetable fried rice should be in your repertoire if it is not already.

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Pad Thai

For how delicious it is, it’s amazing how healthy a good pad Thai can actually be. This dish is a street favorite in Thailand, and it is very easy to make, consisting largely of bean sprouts and spring onions fried with vegetables, prawns and chicken. You can also sprinkle some nuts on top afterwards and drizzle with sesame oil if you want it to be truly delicious, and finish it off with a drizzle of lime juice too. It’s one of those dishes you can play around with however you like, so it’s time to get adventurous.



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