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Healthy Ketogenic Meal Plans

When you start a diet, you want to be successful during and after so that you can feel better faster. The Ketogenic Diet has become extremely popular and mainstream. With this popularity, an unfortunate side effect is that there is a ton of really bad advice on how to reach ketosis. Things like eating nothing but eggs for several days, dirty keto which is full of processed crap, and recipes that only spotlight meat and cream cheese. People are also going on a keto diet when it isn’t appropriate. Appropriate reasons to go on a ketogenic diet include:

  • Uncontrolled seizures
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neuropathy
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Other nervous system diseases

The Cost of Doing it Wrong

If you and your doctor decide that this is a good therapeutic diet for you, you need to do it correctly. When you neglect essential parts of the diet you can seriously harm your thyroid health which can lead to requiring thyroid medication for the rest of your life. You can disrupt the microbiome in your gut leading to intense constipation, a reduced immune response to infection, leaky gut, and other seriously uncomfortable GI issues. You can cause inflammation in the body leading to waking up stiff and with pain, suffer from sleep disruption and insomnia, develop rashes and other uncomfortable skin and pain problems. 

How To Do Keto Correctly 

First, you need to follow the macro ratios correctly. 

How to do keto rightThat means 75% of your calories come from healthy fats, 20% from protein, and 5% from carbohydrates. This is how you reach ketosis, create ketones, and reap the benefits of this diet. Ketones help repair your nervous system. No special drink or magic food will get you there and keep you there in a healthy way. You have to put in the work.

Secondly, you need vegetables. A lot of them.

You must include a substantial amount of low carb vegetables with every meal and snack. You NEED vegetables in your days for fiber, antioxidants, their anti-inflammatory components, and the many vitamins and minerals they provide. Without them, your health will suffer greatly. 

Third, it needs to be realistic.

Eating the same thing every day isn’t realistic. It gets boring fast. Eating “keto” muffins and snack foods every day, while delicious, isn’t healthy or truly sustainable either. Eating nothing but meat and dairy, again, while delicious, isn’t realistic. 

You need to be eating a variety of foods with a variety of flavors to enjoy your meals and benefit the most from your diet. Food is a soul experience and that means it tastes good and it’s fun to eat with others. Meals need to be simple to shop for, make, and eat. Then as you are able to add more foods back into your diet you have a solid foundation in place so you can continue to experience vibrant health once you are off the diet. 

Fourth, this is a temporary diet, not a lifestyle

Our third tip leads right into this one. Keto is NOT a lifestyle. It is a temporary diet to help your nervous system repair itself so it can function properly (or as close to it as possible). You will eventually start eating more carbs again. However, your time during this diet can lay a strong foundation of being vegetable heavy with healthy fats and proteins. Then, when it’s time to transition you can add healthy carbs like fruit and starchy vegetables like potatoes and the like.

The Hardest Part is Done For You

where to start when you suck at meal planningYou know you need to go Keto, and do it correctly, but following the rules is overwhelming. Figuring out how to fit vegetables in and stay under 5% of your total calories, what fats are healthy and how to balance them out for maximum health, how to eat enough variety to not be bored yet easily follow the rules without having to track every single bite….it’s a lot. I’m happy to say I’ve done the hardest part for you! The first 2 weeks are the hardest. Staying on it while being busy is hard. With done-for-you meal plans, you don’t have to figure out what to eat, how to eat healthy, and figure out ways to make it easy.I have your first 2 weeks completely done for you. 

What’s Included:

  • 2 weeks of meal plans are done. You have a jumpstart and a fall back when life gets crazy.
  • The shopping list is ready. You don’t have to figure out what to eat. Print the list and head to the store (or go on clicklist and have it delivered).
  • Immediately start enjoying vegetable and healthy fat-heavy, flavorful recipes that are also easy to make.
  • Learn my favorite platform for tracking your macros and nutrients
  • All the tips and tricks you need for easy, quick, delicious meals
  • The best places to shop and dine out
  • How to travel
  • 3 months of online coaching
  • Much, much more

Just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should have to. 

When you purchase the Healthy Ketogenic Meal Plan you will:

  • Immediately receive your meal plans and guide
  • For the first month, you will get weekly coaching emails with tips and tricks to overcome common roadblocks and struggles that derail many
  • For 2 more months, you will receive bi-weekly coaching emails to help keep you motivated and stay the course
  • You can email me, your coach, at any time for questions you may have

You get all of this for $69 and you can start now.

Meet Marian

Marian Mitchell is a Certified Health Coach, Cookbook Author, Meal Planning Expert, Public Speaker, and Mom. Her expertise is bridging the gap between knowing what you need to do to get (and stay) healthy and making it work realistically in your everyday, real-world life. Partnering with her clients and, when possible their doctors, allows clients to take control of their health, adhere to the treatment the doctor has prescribed (not matter how vague or specific), thus improving their health and having a new way of living that allows for that health to continue indefinitely.

Disclaimer: The goal of these programs are to help you take control of your health and for you to feel the best you possibly can! These programs are not meant to take the place of working with a qualified health care professional, and are not designed to diagnose or treat any diseases or medical conditions. Any advice provided is not a medical diagnosis or medical treatment plan.

Healthy Keto meal plans for maximum health and benefits

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