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Hit Your Daily Water Target With These Tips

We are all told that we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. However, some of us struggle to drink even one glass! There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to drink all of that water! So, how can you make sure you get the amount of water you need? Read on to discover some useful suggestions…

Keep a water bottle with you all of the time

Let’s start with an easy suggestion – keep a water bottle with you all of the time. This will encourage you to drink more water without even thinking. There are lots of great water bottles available online nowadays, including stainless steel bottles, which are reusable, a lot better for the environment, and they will keep your water cool throughout the day. If you simply have a water bottle at your desk or nearby you at all times, you will pick up the bottle and drink water without thinking about it. 

Eat water-rich foods

It is not only about the water that you drink; it is about your diet as a whole. There are lots of ways you can get more water into your system through the food that you consume. Did you know that grapefruit is 91 percent water? Furthermore, watermelon is 92 percent water, courgette is 95 percent water, and cucumber is 96 percent water. Therefore, there are lots of different ways that you can go about getting the water you need in your diet. We recommend adding some of these foods to your meal. Why not take some slices of watermelon with you to work for an early morning snack? Try to add some courgette to your meal in the evening. Little changes like this can make a big difference. 

Use an app

There is an app for everything nowadays, and that’s right – there is an app for checking how much water you have had throughout the day. There are a few free apps for this, so you can easily track how many glasses you have had. Not only this, but these apps also come with reminders so that you will get notifications throughout the day reminding you that you need to drink more. You should not have to pay for an app like this, and it can really prove helpful when it comes to making sure that you drink the amount of water that is required every day! 

Drink a glass of water after every bathroom break

Another way to get into the habit of drinking more water is to have a glass after you have done a certain task every day. For example, after you go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water. If you break down drinking water in this way, you will find that it is a lot easier to get those glasses of water into your daily regime. 

Install a drinking tap

One reason why a lot of people do not drink as much water as they should is because they do not like the taste or the quality of the water that comes from the taps in their home. If you install a drinking water tap, you may be surprised by how much of a difference this makes. A lot of people assume that they do not like the taste of water but once they actually taste pure water, they realize that it is a lot nicer than they were giving it credit for.

Add flavor to your pitcher

Last but not least, another option is to add a little bit of excitement to your daily water pitcher. You can do this by adding fruit to your water and allowing it to steep overnight. Lemon, strawberries, and grapefruit all work well. You may even want to add some herbs and veggie slices, like mint and cucumber. Playing around with different flavors can add some fun to this. In fact, not only does this taste amazing but it offers benefits too. Read about lemon water benefits for more information. Lemon adds a refreshing and revitalizing taste while also bringing some extra benefits to the fore as well. 

So there you have it: there are many different ways that you can make sure you drink more water. If you follow the suggestions that have been provided above, you should find it a lot easier to get the daily intake that you need. Of course, dedication is a must, but if you use the tricks above, we are sure you will succeed.

Hit Your Daily Water Target With These Tips

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