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Food Allergy Guide and Meal Plans

Food allergy guide and meal plans

Meal Plans

Save Time. Eat Better. Feel Amazing.

Life is busy. When trying to eat differently, meal planning helps makes it a million times easier. Maybe you need to eat differently because

  • You have newly diagnosed food sensitivities or allergies
  • Leaky gut
  • Thyroid issues
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • PCOS
  • Struggling with weight loss
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Just want to eat better

Knowing where to even begin is tough. Then meal planning?! How do you meal plan when you don’t even know what to eat?! Then there’s actually shopping, prepping and cooking it. Even with the best of intentions, more often than not food rots while you dine out because it’s just easier and you’re hungry after work. Slaving away for an hour in the kitchen isn’t the least bit appealing.

Most people when meal planning for the first time eat the same 4 things for about 3 weeks. Then they get bored and revert back to their old habits. Time to break that cycle! Soon you’ll be a meal planning and prepping machine, putting healthy and tasty dinners on the table in under 20 minutes. Breakfast will be a breeze even on the busiest of mornings and lunch will be eaten in peace because you won’t be waiting on a late delivery driver. On top of it all, the meals you’re enjoying are simple, delicious, and full of variety all while supporting your health needs and goals. 

Meal planning was born out of pure necessity and is the best health habit you can have. Here’s why.

Marian Mitchell Single Mom Meal PlansAs a single mom, time and money are often tight. In the beginning, when I wasn’t meal planning well, dinner was more often than not a protein I quickly cooked up in the skillet and baby carrots or apple slices or something fast and gluten-free like In-N-Out or Chipotle. While apples and carrots are definitely healthy, they get boring fast. Dining out is expensive and often left me feeling bloated.

I had to make a change.

I wanted my children eating a variety of food, and I wanted to eat the way I did when I only had one kid. On top of meal planning, I had to find recipes that were gluten, dairy, corn, and soy-free. At first, it was overwhelming. It was hours and hours combing through Pinterest and online cooking magazines, tons of recipe fails, and some frustration tossed into the mix. It required a whole lot of effort and time. Time that could have been spent doing other things I wanted to do, like sleeping. 

Eventually, I developed a meal planning system. This system streamlined the process, made my life so much easier, saved me hundreds of dollars a month, and we were consistently eating healthy food that took less than 30 minutes to be on the table. No more stress, bloating, or weight gain from eating out too often.

That was over 5 years ago.

The Road To Living Whole Meal Planning System is an effective program for setting you up for a lifetime of healthy eating with ease.

You’ll gain so much time back. You’ll be sleeping better with the energy you need to go all day long. You’ll even be up for working out again! Your bank account will have breathing room again. I saved over $400 a month! You’ll go to the grocery store once a week, savings hundreds (if not over 1000) calories per day by not eating out. You’ll still eat out though! It will be a planned event you enjoy, not just scarfing down the food because you’re ravenous. If weight loss and maintenance is your goal, meal planning is 100% the best way to accomplish it.

Most importantly, you’ll be eating healthier and sticking with it for more than 3 days.

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How the Road To Living Whole Meal Planning System Works

  1. As soon you purchase your program, you’ll get your first week’s meal plan, shopping list, and recipes. You will also receive my Meal Prep Made Easy webinar, a Healthy Eating Shortcuts Guide, and Weight Loss Food Guide.
  2. For the next 3 weeks, 6 days after you receive that week’s meal plan, you will get your next week’s meal plan, shopping list, and recipes.
  3. The shopping lists are organized by section, making the grocery store run quick and easy to shop.
  4. The meal plans are paleo-leaning and do include meat.
  5. By the end, you’ll be a meal planning pro, whipping together meals with your favorite go-to recipes.

All of the recipes are:

  • Gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and egg-free friendly. Don’t have to worry about those things? No worries! They are healthy and whole food-based, packed full of flavor.
  • Designed to keep you feeling full and full of energy. Your blood sugar will be balanced, cravings diminished, and taste buds happy.
  • Portioned for 4 servings, but easy to adapt for less or more depending on your needs.

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The Investment

The Road To Living Whole Meal Plan System is $69. For less than a tall Starbucks latte a day, you will receive 4 weeks of meal plans, shopping lists, and 56 recipes ($200 value), the Meal Prep Made Easy Webinar ($99 value), Weight Loss Food Guide, Healthy Eating Shortcuts Guide, cooking videos, blank meal plan, and shopping guides for when you apply the system for your preferences and favorite recipes.

Get started today!

Save time and money. Eat healthier. Feel amazing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Just 4 Weeks? 

While I could give you weekly meal plans of about 6 recipes per week, I don’t know what you like. You have your own preferences and possibly some food sensitivities. I also don’t believe in telling people what to do. My goal is to give you the tools you need to be empowered and create the best health habit a person can have. It takes 21 days to build a habit. So for 28 days, I’ve got you covered!

Q. What if I can’t eat something in the recipe?

A. The recipes are very simple and substitutions can easily be made. If you don’t like fish (or are allergic) you can easily swap with another protein. Don’t want to make zucchini noodles? Sub with your favorite type of pasta. Aren’t a fan of pesto? That’s okay too! This is your plan. We’re here to help and to guide.

Q. What if I don’t like a recipe? 

A. That’s okay! Everyone has different tastes. Substitute with a tried and true recipe you love and adjust your shopping list as needed.

Q. What if I can’t find something on the list at my local grocery store?

A. We worked diligently to use recipes that are real food-based and could be found at local grocery stores. However, sometimes things just aren’t available. Thank goodness for Amazon! Thanks to online shopping you can find anything you would need online. Amazon, Thrive Market, and online health stores are all great options. Don’t have the time? Swap with a recipe or food you can find and like. This is your plan and your life. If you would really like some extra guidance, you can always email us.

Q. How much will the meal plans cost me per week?

A. Because the cost of food varies so much between states and countries, I cannot tell you how much it’ll cost per week. I can, however, tell you that it cut my grocery bill by over $100 per week. A lot will depend on what recipes you chose to eat, what spices, herbs, fats, and other pantry items you already have on hand, if you chose to buy high quality or low-quality meats, name brand or off-brand products, etc. You have a lot that is within your control.

Q: Are the ingredients listed?

A: Yes! Each recipe has the ingredients listed, plus the ingredients are on each shopping list.

Q: Is this plan Raw Vegan-friendly?

A: No, it is not. This is a healthy eating, allergy-friendly plan and does not venture into extreme therapeutic diets. You can see all the done-for-you therapeutic diets here.

Q: Do you list the nutrition facts with the recipes?

A: No, I do not. When you’re eating real food, the number of calories doesn’t matter as much as the quality of calories. Plus, it’s extremely difficult to overeat vegetables. I dive in-depth into this aspect of the program in my healthy-weight loss guide.

Disclaimer: The goal of this program is to help you take control of your health and for you to feel the best you possibly can! This program is not meant to take the place of working with a qualified health care professional and is not designed to diagnose or treat any diseases or medical conditions. Any advice provided is not a medical diagnosis or medical treatment plan.

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