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Marian Mitchell is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Founder of Road to Living Whole, and host of the podcast Therapeutic Food Solutions. She is also a mom, chronic illness warrior, and lover of food.

She specializes in working with people who have autoimmune disease or chronic illness and helps them learn diet and lifestyle strategies that can reduce their symptoms between 70-95%! She does this with her Therapeutic Food Framework to regain their health for life in just 16 weeks.

Her mission is to help you break up with chronically dieting for your diagnosis and learn how to eat for lifelong, vibrant health without feeling deprived or hungry.


Podcast: Therapeutic Food Solutions


Instagram: @mairmitchell


Email: [email protected]



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Therapeutic Food Solutions Podcast
Road to Living Whole Marian Mitchell

Topic  Options

  • 5 Lifestyle Strategies to Reduce Autoimmune Disease by  70-95%

  • Strategies to Naturally Recover from Adrenal Fatigue

  • The Best way to eat post SIBO infection to heal the gut and reduce your chances of it coming back

  • 5 Lifestyle Strategies to Help Your Body Heal

  • The emotional side of living with Chronic Disease and overcoming defeat
  • 4 Ways Diet Helps Your Body Heal

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