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Mouth Hygiene Doesn’t Need Chemical Products

Maintaining your health is crucial to your lifestyle. However, nothing plays such a significant role in your social community as oral health. Indeed, the mouth is at the heart of your everyday interactions, with your neighbors, family, co-workers, etc. As a result, a healthy mouth is not just a trend to remind everybody to brush their teeth at least twice a day, but it’s integral to your social integration. The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth can lead to a variety of issues, from unpleasant odors – which can reduce your opportunities to connect with people – to tooth loss.

Consequently, you need to put oral hygiene back on top of your priorities. But, when you have young children, you might be trying to reduce the presence of harmful chemical products in the household. Can you maintain your mouth health with less dangerous chemicals in the home? You’ll be pleased to know that a healthy mouth doesn’t require the purchase of unnatural products if you’re willing to adapt your lifestyle.

Did you know that toothpaste is not a great choice?

Most people stick to their favorite brand of toothpaste, convinced that the presence of fluoride in the ingredients makes it a healthy choice for their mouth health. In reality, this fluoride is a potentially harmful chemical ingredient. In fact, you are supposed to call poison control if you swallow toothpaste, which implies that it might not be the best choice for your hygiene. Consequently, you might be better off with a homemade recipe that is safe and effective thanks to a combination of coconut oil, baking soda, bentonite clay, and essential oils. Additionally, your toothpaste can also help you to prevent canker sores, which you can’t get from products bought in shops!

You need to figure out your weaknesses

Your teeth go through a lot. They’re part of your everyday diet and activities, which means that they might have developed weaknesses as a result of constant exposure to risks. The presence of plaque, cavities, and sensitive nerves can be a natural consequence of your lifestyle. As a result, you want to ensure that you’re not giving tooth decay or gum diseases any chance. Your homemade toothpaste might be effective, but it can’t reverse existing damages. However, a local trusted dentist, such as Rickoff Dentistry, can help you to become aware of issues and address them. Ultimately, oral health requires specialist knowledge to tackle abnormalities before they dramatically affect your lifestyle. Did you know, for instance, that most cases of tooth loss could have been avoided through regular dentist appointments?

Maximize your diet for the perfect smile

You are what you eat. When it comes to oral health, what you eat is ultimately what you see. People who enjoy a carb-heavy diet tend to develop tooth decay. However, if you focus on fruits and vegetables that contain water as a healthy snack alternative, you can limit the damages of carbohydrates. Additionally, eating aged cheeses trigger saliva and helps to wash remaining food particles away. Who knew that a slice of Monterey Jack could improve your smile?

In conclusion, while it can be tempting to buy whitening toothpaste and other fresh breath chemicals, you can keep a clean mouth without relying on harmful products. However, chemicals need to come into play too, which is why you should establish a close relationship with your dentist!

Mouth Hygiene Doesn’t Need Chemical Products



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