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Oral Health is a Window to Your General Health

Your oral health is the window to your general health and wellbeing. Therefore, it means that a healthy mouth would enable not just the nutrition of the body but enhances a social interaction while promoting your self-esteem. The mouth is generally the window to the entire body.

Common Oral Issues

A lesion could be the first sign of an infection or general body inflammation. Oral conditions have a significant impact on a person’s overall health. This implies that bacteria from your mouth may contribute to the growth of infection in several body parts if the immune is compromised. Systemic conditions, coupled with their treatment, are known to affect the oral health of an individual.

Periodontal diseases have been linked to several systemic conditions. And even though there are several biological interactions between different oral conditions as well as other additional medical conditions, there is always a viable treatment for every situation.

While it might surprise you, it is evident that good oral health will reduce your risks of developing life-threatening diseases such as heart disease as well as diabetes. It might even help in ensuring a safe pregnancy in the long run.

Combined with flossing after brushing, proper oral hygiene can help to balance the bacteria in your mouth. But, this is not possible without a cleat observation on the same. It is, therefore, advisable to practice proper oral hygiene. As a dentist would advise, it is essential to note that there are medications that can pose a risk to good dental health. This is by reducing the saliva flow in the mouth. Without sufficient saliva in the mouth to wash away any form of food particles or neutralize some form of acidity, the mouth will be at high risk for gum disease as well as other infections. 

Relations Between Your Oral Health and General Health

Osteoporosis – this is a rare yet harmful condition that attacks the bones. If you have osteoporosis, you will realize that you have porous bones. This implies that the density, as well as the quality of your bones, is reduced significantly. The condition generally makes the bones weak. That is why older people experience broken or fractured bones. 

Pneumonia- there are certain bacteria in your mouth that can be pulled down to your lung and result in pneumonia and other respiratory infections.

Cardiovascular disease- Cardiovascular diseases refer to several conditions. It could be heart disease where the heart, as well as blood vessels, does not function appropriately. It could also be atherosclerosis, a condition that usually develops when plaque builds up in the arteries. This build-up will narrow the size of the arteries, thereby complicating the process of blood flow.  Some researchers have suggested that this might be connected to the swelling and infections that are caused by oral bacteria.

Final thought

It is vital to comprehend that your oral health is one entity with the body. It is an essential part of your general health as well as your wellbeing. While this relationship is overlooked at times, there are valid reasons to take care of our general and oral health. Perhaps you need to focus on practicing proper oral hygiene daily. Consider eating healthy to have proper oral health.

Oral Health is a Window to Your General Health



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