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Picking A Good CBD Pain Cream

Are you using a CBD product to help with pain relief? More importantly, do you know what is in your pain relief cream? While many products advertise that they are derived from hemp or have pain relief properties, you will may find that the active ingredients are not quite what they claim. 

There has been concern that using certain hemp-based products has resulted in people failing drug tests by testing positive for marijuana use. However, despite this claim Cannabidiol products are, by definition, so low in THC connect to be considered close to THC free. A CBD product sold commercially in Canada or the United States needs to contain less than 0.3% THC compound. 

So why is there the idea that using these creams will cause you to fail a drug test? Partially because not all pain relief products use pure CBD oil. Because this is a relatively new product gaining in popularity, and the rise in its popularity comes at a time when marijuana use is slowly being legalized through the USA, some manufacturers do not worry overly about the exact THC content of their product. There is also the possibility that consumers who are just starting to investigate cannabis and hemp-based products for pain relief aren’t always sure what they are looking for, so don’t know what they are buying. 

How Do I Make Sure I Buy THC Free CBD Pain Cream?

Because there is a large market for hemp and cannabis-based products it may seem a little overwhelming, but really it doesn’t need to be. 

#1 Get to know the companies out there

Firstly, shop with a reputable manufacturer like so you know that you can trust the claims they make – you’ll find most reputable stores will not say that their products will cure cancer or anything similar to some of the more outlandish claims that get made. But what you will see is quite clearly defined ways in which the products can be of benefit, usually with examples that define and differentiate between different versions, strengths and ingredients. 

#2 Read the ingredients list

Secondly, read the ingredients list – a product that is made from THC free CBD product will actually state that it is made from CBD or Cannabidiol, whereas a product that hasn’t verified its source is more likely to only stay that it has been derived from hemp. While hemp generally has a lower content of THC than cannabis, they are both from the same strain so just being labeled ‘hemp’ is not enough to guarantee low psychoactive content. 

One thing to note, although there are few recorded side effects for using these products, you should use ANY new product with caution and with testing, particularly if you have sensitive skin although you won’t get high. Remembering that a product designed to be ingested will have a different effect that a product designed to be applied topically. If you do have sensitivities, check the other ingredients as well. 

#3 Hemp-Based Products

Picking A Good CBD Pain CreamThirdly, look for hemp-based products as this is generally an indicator that you are buying a low THC product. You will often find that manufacturers of products used for giving their customers all the traditional and proven benefits of marijuana without any of the high associated with a full THC product, will actually talk about the difference, the testing their products undergo and the source of their ingredients. 

#4 Read the reviews

Lastly, if you’re still in doubt, read online reviews or even send a message to the company asking where they have their hemp-based products tests. A good company understands that many people new to CBD products may be hesitant after years of having the substance associated with anti-drug propaganda, and most are more than happy to offer a little education and advice. 

Does It Work?

This is probably the second biggest concern for people once they have confirmed that they won’t get stoned by using a pain relief cream. Generally, the properties of CBD have been quite well shown to help provide pain relief for muscular aches and pains anecdotally. 

However, although there is a growing body of research (see here) that shows its effectiveness for a range of conditions including arthritis, much of the current findings are on animal trials and to date, no creams have been approved by the FDA for medical use. This doesn’t mean that the creams are not effective, simply that the science is currently racing to try and catch up with the popular usage now that the laws around research and sale of hemp-based products has relaxed. 



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