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How to Remove Gluten From Your Kitchen

When going gluten-free, we all know we need to remove it from our food. Did you know that gluten is on pretty much everything in your kitchen? Unfortunately, it is. To truly remove any possibility of gluten continuing to get into your body, your kitchen needs a detox.

I didn’t know this at first. I didn’t know that my earth friendly dish soap used gluten as a binder and that’s why my daughter was having symptoms of being glutened. It was frustrating to say the least. I know we were 100% gluten free in our diet. Why was she still sick?!

I was washing dishes one day, looked down and saw gluten right there in the ingredients. I was shocked and angry. Then I decided to research. Today I’m sharing with you what I learned.

How To Remove Gluten From Your Kitchen

Cleaning Products

Gluten is often used as a binder and plant-based green surfactant. It is often found in many Cleaning products which include:

  • Dish soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Countertop cleaner
  • Sponges

If the products are not clearly labeled gluten free, your best bet is to call the company and ask. The most widely available gluten free cleaning product line I use and love is Seventh Generation.

Pots, Pans, Bakeware, and Stoneware

The safest bet is to replace everything that is non-stick and cast iron. You can keep stainless steel and aluminum cookware. Anything that has been scratched, dented, and/or has nooks and crannies will harbor gluten and continue to contaminate you.  Stainless Steel and aluminum pans require a good scrub with a gluten free soap and new sponge, but if they have any scratches, dents or places where gluten could lurk, you should consider replacing them. Cast iron is extremely porous and the science is out on whether reseasoning it prevents gluten from contaminating foods that are cooked in it. Stoneware is the same as cast iron. Bakeware is full of crevices and it is better to be safe than sorry and replace all your bakeware that isn’t glass.


No matter how much you wash your strainer, and run through the dishwasher, gluten is going to harbor in those holes and crevices, even the metal ones.

Cooking Utensils

Unfortunately, they are all porous and no amount of washing will rid them of all traces of gluten. Replacing these items are best.


Gluten is all over this thing and a single crumb is big enough to cause symptoms. You’ll need your own dedicated gluten free toaster.

Cutting boards

If you’ve ever used them to slice bread, put anything breaded or coated in flour on, you’ll want to replace your cutting boards.

Food Storage Containers

Any container that has stored flour, crackers, pretzels, bread, etc will either need to be clearly labeled or tossed, and replaced with new containers for your new gluten free finds. You cannot wash away the gluten and to prevent cross-contamination, replacing them is best. I love my airtight glass storage containers I got from IKEA.

This also goes for your containers for leftovers. You will need dedicated storage containers for your gluten free food. I like to use glass containers.

Cost-Effective Strategies For Setting Up Your Gluten-Free Kitchen

  1. Be picky about the cleaning products you replace. Dish soap, laundry detergent, countertop cleaners are the most important. In my opinion, the toilet bowl cleaner can have gluten in it. For my countertop cleaner, I use a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar.
  2. Shop around. You don’t have to buy an entire set. Check out stores like IKEA, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Wal-Mart for deals.
  3. Immediately replace what you use every day and slowly replace the rest. There’s no need to go broke. Replace what you use daily then slowly replace the rest.

Continuing to have symptoms is frustrating. By giving your kitchen a gluten detox, you’ll finally stop feeling crappy and be on your path to feeling better. If you need help getting started on your gluten free food journey, I have a month of meal plans with shopping lists and 56 recipes ready for you. Check them out here.

How to remove gluten from your kitchen

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