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Reviews From Current and Former Clients:

Cheryl before after pic-Road To Living wholeI came to Marian to help me go gluten-free. I had no idea how great I would feel or how my body would change after just two weeks in her program! The swelling in my face and neck has been the biggest change so far. Marian has made it easy to make the transition to a gluten free lifestyle.

After 6 weeks I was down 19 pounds, my IBS improved signifanctly, my migraines have almost completely disappeared, the flushing in my face is gone, and even my husbands joint pain and indigestion noticeably improved! I am so glad Marian is a resource for my family.

Update after completing the 3 month program: I’m off antidepressant now since August and no PMS or depression – cured!!!  Off migraine meds, haven’t had a single migraine in 2 solid months(Drs had me on 4 different meds for headaches). These are huge milestones for me and were some of my main issues I was hoping to resolve with your program and they truly worked for me.


Update after 8 months-

Road To Living Whole Testimonial

~Cheryl W.


Before Marian I was feeling sluggish daily and I was desperate for help with my diet and getting proper nutrition. I read Marian’s blog and followed her on facebook. I was impressed with the sites she would find and a lot of the stuff she posted I could relate to. Now, after completely her 90 Day Program I’m grateful for Marian’s help and I would highly recommend her to others who are in need of guidance when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle transformation.



Through Marian’s 6 month program I lost over 15 pounds and stabilized my blood sugar. My doctor was extremely pleased. Her enthusiasm and excitement kept me motivated until the lifestyle changes became second nature.


Working with Marian helped me go from nearly 260 pounds to 161 and still losing. My skin has gotten clearer and I have so much more natural energy without needing caffeine.

I work full-time and I’m a single mom, time and money is tight. Marian has great tips and tricks to make cooking healthy easy and fit into your schedule. It really can be inexpensive too!praise


I have had the privilege of knowing Marian for over three years now, and not only do I consider her an amazing person and friend, but a wonderful role model and life coach as well. My journey has been a rough one, full of stress, poor choices and a lot of bad habits. Marian has helped me to see that how I approach health and wellness has everything to do with how I see my lifestyle and even my life’s circumstances. She has helped teach me about food, its effects on my body, and has given me practical ways to incorporate healthier choices that actually work for me as I am learning to think about food in a whole new way.She has helped me to see the value in taking time for myself, to meditate and pray, as well as to exercise effectively and get enough sleep. Marian has also helped inspire me to cook, when I would normally turn to fast food or something processed that I can make quickly. She is always showing me how to make super healthy dishes that take only a few minutes, and are even easy enough for me to follow. I love how accessible she is as well! I feel as if I am her only client, and for me, that is really important. I need a life coach who walks beside me, customizes meals and workout plans for me, inspires me, and cheers me on, and that’s what Marian offers.

A year into being gluten-free I was bored in the kitchen, feeling deprived, constantly accidently contaminating myself and just didn’t know what to do. Marian came to my rescue. She showed all the places gluten was hiding, how to shop for gluten-free items, she showed me all the foods I could eat safely, expanded my cooking skills and helped me heal my body.

I lost 28 pounds, have the energy to go the gym regularly, more confidence, less stress and am able to do the things I really enjoy. I feel like a new and improved person!

-Christina (read her full story here.)

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