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Save Money, Stay Healthy, Stay Slim By Eating What’s In Season NOW

My favorite season is upon us!! I just LOVE fall. While here in Phoenix all it means is days will start cooling off a little, I remember my college days in East Tennesee. The leaves changing colors, warm days and cold nights, corn mazes and, my favorite, my fall/winter wardrobe.

These days I get super excited over all the fall/winter produce that in now in season. I love winter squashes, yams, parsnips, brussel sprouts…everything! I am looking forward to experimenting with some new-to-me produce including rutabaga, celery root and jerusalem artichokes. Eating seasonally saves moneywards off viruses by giving us the nutrients we need (loads of vitamin C) and keeps us slim, as produce is naturally lower calorie than things like pasta, rice, cream based sauces and soups, and so on. So what is in season now:

Apples      Brussel Sprouts     Pumpkins           Cranberries        Carrots      Potatoes Dates    Cauliflower      Yams                 Figs      Celery Root       Sweet Potatoes    Papaya     Kale       Parsnips     Pears    Collard Greens      Turnips             Persimmons      Beets       Jerusalem Artichokes Pomegranates    Eggplant    Bok Choy    Oranges    Rutabaga     Leeks      Tangerines      Winter Squashes       Shallots    Grapefruit       Butternut Squash              Watercress       Mandarin Oranges        Spaghetti Squash Grapes       Acorn Squash

A whole lot of variety, tons of options, all well priced. Full of much needed vitamin C and easy to prepare. I’m super excited!!!! Roast them, boil them, make them into soups, stews and bisques. The options are endless! Here’s a favorite from last winter to get you started: Fall Harvest Soup



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