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Starting The Year With A Healthy Mindset And Goals

Things have been tough lately for everyone, so focusing on your mindset and self-care is important now more than ever. We all want to reach optimum health. There are lots of small things you can do to start making positive changes and make life just a bit easy to handle at the moment. We all need to just be a bit kinder to ourselves and also remember to make our health a priority in every sense. Here are a few things to try.

Be Grateful

It sounds simple but something a lot of people take for granted, spend each night and think about 3 things you are grateful for. It could be that you managed to eat healthy that day or that someone in your life has done something to improve your mood or make life easier. That said, if that is the case, take a few minutes to shoot them a text and thank them, show them you are grateful. It will improve your mindset and improve your positive thinking daily. 

Eat Better

Chips, chocolate, and takeaways are certainly the popular choice, especially over the holidays. Look after your health by feeding yourself a good quality meal with fruits and vegetables. The current favorite kitchen appliance is the modernized pressure cooker, the instant pot. If you haven’t got one, it is certainly worth looking at for an investment in your kitchen. It makes cooking quicker and easier and there are some easy instant pot recipes from Feasting at Home that you can try to mix up your meals. 

Do Gentle Exercise

You don’t have to be in the gym for an hour every day to make the most of exercise and looking after your physical health, sometimes some gentle exercise is all you need. It can also help release endorphins so help improve your mood as well. Try something like going for a walk on your lunch break or giving yoga or pilates a try. There are some great free classes on YouTube you can try. 

Spend Time Around Loved Ones

It is important to see or even just speak to loved ones often, it keeps you connected and your happiness. If you’re feeling particularly fed up one afternoon, call a friend or someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and have a good old catch-up. 

Career Change

For some of us, we can be stuck in jobs we don’t enjoy and just plod along to our daily routines. If it is something you aren’t happy with and want to change, start thinking about how you can change and where you want to be. It could be as simple as just updating your resume to show you what you can do and get thinking about what you want to do next. It could even be a side hustle as most people do something they are passionate about alongside their 9-5 job and earning a bit of extra money from it. 

Whether you try some or all of these, remember to think about yourself and how to improve your happiness and have a healthy mindset this year. 

start your year with a healthy mindset and goals



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