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Surprising Ways A Nutrition Professional Can Improve Your Life

Many people are laboring under the false impression that all dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches do is help people lose weight. Of course, weight management support (Loose, maintain, or gain) can be a part of a dietician’s job, yet there are so many other areas of life they can help you with. You can read about some of the most useful and often surprising ones, below. 

Help you stay healthy pre, during, and postpartum 

Getting the right nutrition is critical at every part of the pregnancy process from the trying stage to postpartum and breastfeeding. Happily, dietitians are in the best position to give you useful advice on what and how much to eat to make sure you and your baby get exactly what you need. 

Indeed, nutrition professionals can give you advice on how to increase your calorie intake when breastfeeding, what certain cravings may mean you are lacking, and even on creating a nutritious baby-lead diet when your little one is ready for weaning. 

Managing chronic disease 

Another surprising, but incredibly helpful way that a nutrition professional such as a health coach can support you is to provide the information and guidance you need to change your diet to manage chronic illness and disease.  

In particular, your nutritionist will be able to help you better understand your condition, as well as how the way that you eat impacts it. For example, for those suffering from eczema, a dietitian may recommend trying a diet where you minimize dairy or lactose products. The great thing about working with a professional like this is that they can devise an eating plan that will enable you to do this while also still making sure you get to eat a wide range of foodsyou need and love. 

Food and drug interactions 

When it comes to food and drug interactions, a Dietician is the way to go. Some foods don’t play well with some medications and it’s pretty important that you know which ones these are if you are taking them. 

Additionally, many people need extra help and support when cutting certain things out of their diet. Indeed, all too often we remove things and go no further. What should be happening is that we add other foods, or devise ways of cooking our favorite meals without the missing ingredient. The good news is that this is precisely the sort of task that a health coach can help you with, including creating a whole new weekly menu for you to enjoy so you barely even feel the loss of the food you are cutting out. 

Help you navigate all the nutritional advice 

It can seem like everyone is an expert on nutrition these days from Instagram influencers to personal trainers. Unfortunately what this means is there is a great deal of information out there, not all of which may be suited to your body or needs, or even be that helpful in the long run. 

That is why if you have questions or queries about your diet, it’s always best to go to a Nutrition Professional, as they can help you see the big picture and keep the longer-term effects that changes in your diet may cause. 

Surprising Ways A Nutrition Professional Can Improve Your Life




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