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citrus mint beet salad

Citrus Mint Beet Salad

Would you believe I’ve never actually eaten raw beets before this awesome Citrus Mint Beet Salad? I’ve had them juice, roasted, and boiled, but not

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halibut ceviche

Halibut Ceviche

Summer is the season of all things cold here in Phoenix, at least for me. When it’s over 100 degrees, the last thing I want

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I absolutely love Gazpacho, but it wasn’t always this way. For some strange reason while I never thought twice about eating spaghetti sauce or ketchup,

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grapefruit 3 ways road to living whole gluten free

Grapefruit 3 Ways

One of the keys to keeping a real food based diet affordable is to eat seasonally. Right now citrus season is in full swing and

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Almond-Cashew Date Balls

These almond-cashew date balls are my favorite treat. They are perfect pre workout, post workout, as a nutrient dense weeknight dessert, or just to satisfy

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