No matter what your diagnosis is

I help you master the food side so all your treatment & therapies work effectively.

Break up with chronically dieting for your diagnosis with my 3-Step Therapeutic Food Framework so you can experience lasting and vibrant health…for life.

Every guru and doctor out there says their way of eating is the only way to eat and gain your life back. It’s difficult to know which one is right so you just start trying them all hoping one of them works. You know that what you eat matters, you just can’t figure out HOW to eat for your particular set of symptoms.

Which diet is best?

Do I have to eat this way for life?

Are they always so restrictive?

Do I really have to be miserable and miss out on all the good food out there to be healthy and symptom-free?

How do I get the people in my world to understand why I’m eating differently now?

How do I eat for the rest of my life so I feel good but can also actually LIVE my life without missing out on the foods I truly love?

What if I told you that eating for long-term symptom management is a 3-step process that you can totally do and, by the end, eat well for your health AND enjoy eating this way for life? You absolutely can! 


Here's How the Therapeutic Framework Works:

Step 1: Establish Your Food Baseline

No more guessing which way of eating is the best for you. The secret I learned in my own quest for health is that every single therapeutic (healing) diet out there all share the same foundational food principles. In this step, that's what you learn! You'll learn what they are, and the biggest piece of the puzzle, HOW to incorporate this way of eating in to your very real, very busy everyday life. By starting in this step, it prepares your body and mind for the next step in your healing journey, the therapeutic diet. You are set up from success from day one!

Step 2: Follow Your Therapeutic Diet

Now that the food baseline is second nature, you'll transition onto the therapeutic diet. Therapeutic Diets are short-term diets that remove certain inflammatory foods while also incorporating the most nutrient-dense food possible to support the healing process. Diets included in the program are: Autoimmune Support, Hormone Balancing, Ketogenic, Low Mold, Low Histamine, Low Oxalate, Low Fructose, & Low Sucrose. You'll be able to follow through because it won't be such a huge jump from what you have been doing.

Step 3: Transition to Your New Normal

The big mistake people make is staying on that Therapeutic Diet for too long. No one ever tells you how long you're supposed to stay on them, when you're supposed to transition off of them, and how you're supposed to eat afterwards to continue on your health journey. That's the missing piece! You've worked so hard to improve your health, you can't go back to what you were eating before you started this program. You'll end the program knowing exactly how to keep improving your health by eating well for life.

You’ll do all of this with the support of me as your health coach, weekly group coaching calls, and an amazing student community so you can get all of your questions answered.

What The Therapeutic Food Framework Gives You:

  • √ A step-by-step system telling you exactly what to do and how to make it work for your unique life
  • √ Set up for success from day one
  • √ Meal plans with recipes and shopping lists. The hardest part is done for you!
  • √ A realistic and unique approach to eating well for your health and reducing (or even eliminating) your symptoms
  • √ Access to your very own health coach for expert guidance & accountability on weekly coaching calls
  • √ Positive and supportive student community group
  • √ Lifetime access to the program, meal plans, materials and all updates

What People are Saying

Imagine If

Food is the foundation. It makes all other therapies work more effectively. It's time to know exactly how to use food to your advantage.

I created the Therapeutic Food Framework because

I know that finding the right way of eating for managing, and reversing, symptoms feels virtually impossible. Every Therapeutic Diet out there has several version, sometimes seeming to conflict with each other. The last thing you need when you feel awful is to have to guess what you’re doing, struggle with eating enough, and possibly stay on it too long. 

You don’t have to figure it out alone. 

I want you to know exactly how to eat in a way that is actually doable for years to come so that you can live symptom-free, know how to handle a flare, and enjoy food that supports your health instead of undermining your efforts.

You absolutely deserve to know exactly how to use food to your advantage while also enjoying what you eat.

Move at your own pace

Step-by-step learning modules

Expert support

Feel confident & excited about eating again

Gain a positive & supportive community

Therapeutic Diet Program Included Are

Your sneak peak inside the Therapeutic Food Framework:

Step-By-Step Guidance

Most programs out there give you plan and leave you to navigate it on your own. Marian is strategic in how she guides you so that you are successful on this journey to reclaiming your health.

Meal Plans + Recipes

The hardest part of changing the way you eat is knowing what it looks like to eat differently. Meal plans make it easy, while the recipes are flavorful and simple to make.

Weekly Group Coaching

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get guidance every single week. You won’t be going through this alone.

No Guessing Required

So often you join a course and are left to figure it out on your own. This is where most people find it impossible to follow through. When you don’t have to guess, sticking with it is easy.

Student Community

Life with autoimmune disease and chronic illness is lonely. People who aren’t going through it just don’t get it. The Student Community gives you the support you need with people who are going through it too.

Lifetime Access

Health is a journey. Flares happen after viruses or stressful seasons. You’ll always have access to the program so that any time you need a refresher or find that meal plan again, it’s there for you.

You need to eat. Let's eat in a way to support your health and reduces your symptoms.

I'm in! How do I pay?

There are 2 great payment options for you.

Split Payment

$ 257
x 2
  • 3-Step Therapeutic Food Framework
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Meal Plans + Recipes
  • No Guessing
  • Private Student Community
  • Lifetime Access
Most Popular

One Time Payment

$ 447
  • 3 Step Therapeutic Food Framework
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Meal Plans + Recipes
  • No Guessing
  • Private Student Community
  • Lifetime Access

It's time to break up with chronically dieting for your diagnosis and learn how to eat for life-long health, symptom management, and flares.

Still not sure this is the right program for you?

You’ve tried a ton of programs before, I get it. I tried every diet out there too when I was trying to improve my health. It took me 7 years to figure out what you can master in just 4 months. Here’s what I know now:

1. Every single therapeutic diet on the internet right now has the same foundation. When this foundation becomes your new normal (requires zero thought and is just how you eat), going into a therapeutic diet is a tweak versus a complete overhaul.

2. There are so many different diets out there, however, there is no one-size-fits-all therapeutic diet. It all depends on what the root cause of your symptoms are as to which one would be the best fit. I help you navigate this plus provide you the correct and most doable version of that diet. Being able to stick with it matters!

3. That therapeutic diets are not permanent diets.  Therapeutic diets are temporary diets that are restrictive in nature. They remove the inflammatory foods for your set of symptoms plus include the most nutrient-dense foods the diet can include. If you stay on them forever, you’re likely to become nutrient-depleted. However, you can’t go back to the way you were eating before you started this course because you’ll end up in the same place you started in. Instead, you have to learn how to eat for lifelong health.  

You don’t have to spend years trying to figure it out on your own. You can learn all of this in just 4 month with a health coach and amazing community on your team.

By the End of the Framework, You Will....

Know exactly how to eat to support your health and reduce your symptoms

Be living your awesome life instead of spending all your time in the kitchen

Know how to eat normally and when you are in a flare

Have meal plans you can fall back on whenever life gets crazy

Gain new friends and a community who supports you

Know that your food isn't fighting with your therapies to help heal your body

Food is the foundation. Learning what that looks like is no longer a mystery.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will take 4 months for you to make it through the 3-step framework. 1 month to get comfortable with the food baseline, 3 months for your therapeutic diet, and then learn how to eat for long-term health in step 3.

Once you receive access to the Therapeutic Food Framework no refunds can be issued, even if you choose not to complete the course. Food is the foundation and while mastering food will help your symptoms, a guaranteed timeline of your symptoms improving is not possible due to each person being different. Please consult with your physician for all treatment and testing recommendations prior to starting the framework.

You will have lifetime access to the program and all future updates and additional information added.

I offer weekly group coaching calls to everyone in the program. If you’d like 1:1 support it is a separate cost.

The Framework is for you if:

√ You want to know exactly what to do without guessing

√ You are willing to do the work and trust the process

√ You are ready to feel better and change the way you eat for good

The Framework is not for you if:

× You would rather figure it out yourself

× You’re not willing to change the way you eat

× You prefer living the way you are right now

Hi! I'm Marian.

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and creator of the Therapeutic Food Framework.

I’m also a mom, chronic illness warrior, and lover of food. I created the Therapeutic Food Framework for people who, like me, know that food matters and are tired of trying every new diet out there on the quest to regain health. 

I’ve done almost every major dietary lifestyle out there and during that time discovered that every single one of them have the same foundation. When you master this foundation, making any tweaks to accommodate your diagnosis becomes easy, versus a completely 180 that is practically impossible to stick to.

Even once your symptoms resolve, you still have to eat for your health. You can’t go back to what you were doing or you’ll end up in the same place again, maybe even worse. 

It’s time to end the cycle and reclaim your health…for life.