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These Tips Could Save Your Life

Ok, so sometimes you just don’t know what’s around the corner, and the corner that you’re about to turn could be a very dark one. It’s no secret that life is passing us by a million times faster than what it used to, and if you feel like time is slowing down, then you’re very lucky. Because as the years pass us by and our bodies change, we seem to lose touch with what it needs the most. We also seem to forget to notice some of the warning signs that our bodies are trying to give us. Perhaps we’re too busy with day to day life, or perhaps we’re just being ignorant to them because we would rather not know what they mean. But either way, there are some tips that you really need to be looking out for, that we think could totally save your life. Whether it be your physical health, mental health, or those around you, we think you should follow these tips, and see how much they could save your life without you even knowing it.

these tips could save your life

Weight Control That Is Out Of Control

Weight is something you’ve either been really bothered about before, or it is something that you have never really given a second thought to. What we do know is, your weight is so vital to your health, and we’re not just talking about being overweight. But of course, being overweight at the minute is a world epidemic, and treatments such as gastric sleeve surgery could be the one thing that saves your life. It is the last resort when diet and lifestyle changes are not helping you reach a healthy weight. It reduces body weight through a complicated procedure and aims to keep your body weight down as long as you follow the post-op guidance. But even to get to the point of needing one, you will have caused damage to vital organs such as your heart, liver, kidneys etc. To really turn your life around, you would have to focus solely on healthy habits that I can help you implement into your life in order to keep your body in working order. The sleeve surgery is not a quick fix for you to go back to your old ways.

Vital Warning Signs From Your Body

Your body is going to be giving you warning signs on a daily basis, and it’s basically saying “Hey! Take care of me!” Some will be louder than others. One that we want to talk about that’s commonly ignored, are changes to your bowel movements. Some people are embarrassed to talk about it, but it is such a key sign to things such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Celiac Disease, IBS/IBD and even cancer. If you’re going more frequent than you ever have before, and it’s not like it usually is for more than three weeks, you should take a trip to your doctors. They will be able to tell you what’s going on, and what you need to have test wise. It could be something as simple and needing to drink more water, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

Sleeping too much is also something people pass off as just being tired, but it really can be a problem. If you find it hard to wake up and you know you’re always sleeping at every chance possible, go to the doctors for some blood tests! A few tests they may run are a thyroid panel, adrenal fatigue spit test, vitamin D, and iron levels. Finding the root cause of your fatigue is important so you can have the energy to live your life! 

As always, I recommend finding an Integrative Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor, or Functional Medicine Practitioner in your area to give you the most thorough testing possible.



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