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Three Ways to Deal With Constant Hunger

First of all, finding ways to change your diet and eat more healthily is difficult, and any progress should be applauded! For many people, part of this change can involve cutting down on the total amount of food you consume. We tend to eat slightly too much, with modern plate sizes and food portions overestimating what your body actually needs. Changing these habits, accumulated over a lifetime, is a vital part of creating a healthy lifestyle. Yet what happens when you just can’t curb that appetite, even when you know you’ve definitely eaten enough? This is a particular concern for those trying to lose weight, as this is done through calorie-deficit which can increase feelings of hunger. Here are some healthy, sustainable ways to help with that appetite and take control of your habits.

Cut down slowly; take your time

The first and most important way to keep your appetite in check is to change your diet slowly. It makes sense; if you go from eating three big burger meals a day (for example), to two small meals of vegetables and soup, in one fell swoop, your body will probably complain about it! Your stomach has got used to one way of digesting food, and it will expect more of the same. The best way to cut down your food intake is to give your body time to adjust. Give yourself space and time to get used to new routines and learn how much food to expect in a day before cutting down more. This is a far more sustainable way to create new habits, and it will help your appetite to know that it will be sated at some point.

Consider medical and herbal aids

If you’re really struggling with an appetite that won’t let up, you might want to consider herbal aids. Many herbal ingredients such as green tea and ginger have been used as appetite suppressants for generations. As simple as it might sound, drinking plenty of water also helps – and it can be surprising how many people actually mistake the signs of thirst for the feeling of hunger. Of course, smoking has also been proven to suppress hunger, although it isn’t a long term solution for the general health of your body. Instead, you could consider using juul pods as a vaping alternative to help you manage your appetite without flooding your lungs with tobacco. Different ingredients will have slightly different effects, so it’s important to do your research and discover what works for you.

Eat green and eat slow

‘Fullness’ comes in two varieties: caloric fullness, where your body has had enough nutrition, and ‘stomach fullness’, where your stomach is literally ‘full’ of food to digest. The best way to manage your appetite is to marry these two elements! If you eat a high-calorie slice of cake, for example, you will have reached ‘caloric fullness’ whilst your stomach still feels empty (after all, there’s only a single slice of cake down there). By eating green vegetables and salads, you’re balancing this out, as you’ll need to eat more quantities to achieve the same caloric density. So; fill your stomach and your energy levels at the same time, and you’ll find your pesky appetite deals with itself.



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