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Train Your Brain, To Help All Areas Of Health

Is it possible to train the brain the way other muscles in the body train? These questions have been with scientists for nearly 100 years, and have implications for the lives of many patients whose cognitive function is impaired as a result of illness or head injury. In recent years, various treatments and developments have also leaked to the wider market – healthy people seeking to reach their brain potential to function better at work, school and in life in general. This figure is not surprising given the increase in the number of jobs in the industry that requires constant learning and processing of a lot of information throughout the day.  In order for us to learn well, we must be able to hear well and therefore it’s important to look at the connection between hearing loss and brain health. 

You must always ensure that you have regular hearing tests! You should also be sure that you are generally looking after your hearing – such as wearing earplugs and not keeping the sound too high! For your brain, you can indeed do things such as brain training to optimize the brain and keep it to a great functioning level. 

Cognitive training 

Cognitive training is most often done as a game or computer program that practices memory, attention and other cognitive abilities. Studies in the field show that after practice people succeed in improving the ability they have practiced, sometimes significantly. It is tempting to think that the ability, successfully practiced in front of the computer, is automatically “transferred” to the real world and improves the way we learn and work. The findings in the field are not unequivocal and many of them show that such a transfer simply does not exist. This means that even when we succeed in improving the performance of the same computer software, we will not necessarily be able to better remember the names of new people or phone numbers in everyday life. So the right training needs to be done. You can look online for the best games to help! 

Benefit: Cognitive training seems to have the potential to improve various cognitive abilities, but the great difference between the products on the market makes it difficult to formulate an overall conclusion.

Diet and Supplements

There is a clear link between what we eat and the way that it affects our brains; for example, Omega 3 is vital to brain health. You must consider looking at the best supplements for brain and general health in order to get optimum benefits. You should consider: 

  1. Fish Oils. Fish oil supplements are a rich source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).
  2. Acetyl-L-Carnitine. 
  3. Ginkgo Biloba. 
  4. Creatine.

All of the above should contribute to better audio health too. The more that we take care of our bodies, the better they respond to many things, including hearing. Because hearing is linked directly to the brain, then taking care of this aspect is going to massively assist. Take the time for yourself, for a healthier tomorrow. 

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