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The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Your Immunity

Now that winter is imminent, we might be fearful about avoiding that flu bug or cold that’s going around. There’s nothing worse than being laid up with a headache, blocked nose, shivers and aching joints for a couple of weeks. You need to think of ways that you can boost your immunity naturally. While you can take all sorts of flu remedies, prevention is still a whole lot better than cure. Take a look at this guide to help you boost your immunity.

Sleep Well

It’s vital that you are able to get enough sleep, especially during the winter months. Lack of sleep can result in increased stress levels, which can mean that your immune system is lower. Combat this by setting yourself a new sleep routine. Ensure that you ban the screens before bed, and keep your social media feeds out of bounds. Try and generate a calming ambiance just before bed. Run yourself a hot bath, enjoy listening to some chill out tunes and partake in a spot of mindfulness. Rest up, let your head hit the sack, and try to get at least seven hours sleep a night.


If you are a carb bunny or you have dabbled in a few too many takeaways recently, the chances are that you’ve got a build up of toxins in your system. You need to detox to help you clear these toxins from your system, up your levels of antioxidants and boost your immune system. The easiest way to do this is to try a juice cleanse. This doesn’t mean suddenly quitting the fast food and swapping this for a week of juices. Doing this will have too much of a cold turkey effect and lead to you being ill. Instead, transition slowly by swapping your take out for lean meats and fish, leafy green vegetables and home-cooked food. Then, consider following a clear juicing plan and allowing yourself a wide range of foods like kale, spinach, mint, oranges, tomatoes and kiwi to boost your energy levels.


Get Outdoors

Staying cooped up indoors is one way of trying to escape the lurgy. However, to maintain your health, you need to head outdoors. Natural sunlight helps to regulate your body clock, boosts your happy hormone levels and supplies you with the Vitamin D that your body craves. Being outside lifts your mood, and if you can couple this with being active, you can also enhance your fitness levels. Consider going for a jog every evening, heading out on a bike ride at the weekend, or simply heading to the park with pals. Having low Vitamin D can increase your chances of catching flu, so it pays to get outside and catch some rays.

Boosting your immunity not only helps protect you from the bugs and nasties going around this winter, but it can also make you feel healthier, happier and fitter. Follow this guide and ensure that your entire family stands the best chance of coming through the winter in good health and with an excellent immune system.



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