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Why You Should Understand Your Emotions

It might be a movie quote but it’s true, ‘nothing will hit you harder than life’. Without a doubt these words are absolutely truthful and how we react to the challenges thrown at us by life is the most important thing. It’s not that life is challenging and tough, of course it is and that’s always been the case. Our generation is not special in the fact that life is busy, stressful and full of heartache at times. Yet, we feel all the trials and tribulations of life differently. Some people cope with almost anything and others just tend to collapse. It’s our emotions that we must understand if we want to take on the challenges and win every single time. We cannot be slaves to our emotions and in order to control them so we can live a healthier life, we first have to realize what they do to us. Then when we can comprehend this, we can take effective actions.

Understanding anxiety

Anxiety is so often confused with nervousness. The two are similar but they do not apply the same way in our lives. The affect us differently. Nervousness is general a fear of what you’re about to do or are doing. Anxiety is a general feeling of something you dislike or perhaps a consuming of impending doom. Anxiety in life is very common. It’s part of modern life and that’s the way it is. However, we do have modern ways to cope with anxiety such as Anxiety Relief Apps such as Daily Feelz. You can track when, where and why you have a bout of anxiety and this can lead you to realize something in your life that could be causing it. It might be right in front of you but you can’t quite put your finger on it until you can see coping mechanisms.

Complexity of shame

There is one thing to understand about shame, it’s external forces that have a big impact on us this way. It could be how we grew up and what we were taught not to do that we feel shame for doing or saying something. Other times it can be that your parents or friends force their standards onto you and try to make you live how they live. Sometimes there is a valid point to be made and other times it’s purely cultural. If you could better understand why you feel shame doing something, then you might be able to further expand on your own belief system. Maybe you will come to the conclusion that you should not feel shame for something that you inherently disagree with.

Harnessing your anger

If you could control your anger and put it into useful acts, your life could become so much better. Maybe you are angry at how the government is not caring enough for the homeless people. Then you can learn how to control that vitriol and put it to good use such as working for homeless shelters and going to protests that raise the issue on a more public scale.

Understand that emotions are subjective, they do not have the same effect on everyone. Some people cope better than others but since we have modern coping mechanisms like apps, you can always improve your own understanding.



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