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What Can Cause A Sleep Disorder

Sleep is one-third of our life. We spend around 8 hours completely unconscious every 24 hours. That’s a lot of time spent doing nothing. Or is it? You might think that sleep is just recharging your batteries but it’s much more than that. During our sleep is when we build and rebuild. If you workout, your muscles will repair and grow. When you have a surface cut on your skin, you will find that after 8 hours of sleep it has healed a great deal. If you’re sick, sleep gives our body time to devote all energy to fighting off the infection and virus. Sleep is when we have the time to slow and wind down our conscious thoughts as well. Just as we’re going to sleep, our mind is slowly put into a stupor, our senses slowly muffled and calmness descends unto our mind. All in all, sleep is vital in multiple ways. So what happens when you just can’t enter into a good sleeping pattern?

Stress and overthinking

Many CEOs will remark that they have trouble shutting off. Their minds are continually pouring over the risks and potential gains from their business actions. The stress of having to take care of other people and their expectations doesn’t allow them to just gently nod off. Overthinking ideas is also linked to sleeping disorders but it’s not to be confused with stress. If you have an idea about something before you go to bed, it’s best to write it down and leave it at that. For example, you might be an author and you’ve just thought of an idea for a story or character as you’re getting into bed. It’s best to quickly write it down and be done with it. The longer you overthink, the further you go down the tunnel. Insomnia can kick in if you don’t stop overthinking when it’s time to slow your thoughts down.

Can’t figure it out?

So what if you don’t know if you have a sleeping disorder? The signs should be clear but the reasons won’t be. If you can’t seem to switch off and find yourself watching the morning sunlight slowly creep into your room without sleeping a wink, then contact This kind of company can study your sleep patterns, lifestyle, diet and work-life to see what the reasons could be. Many times, it could be something you didn’t expect such as eating something that energizes the mind instead of slowing it down. Other times it can be something bodily, like an obstructive airway that makes you snore. Difficulting breathing during sleep is sometimes linked to sleep apnea.

Bad habits

These days we think it’s normal to have our mobiles by our sides when we’re sleeping. We use them as an alarm clock but all too often we find ourselves searching for things to buy or watching videos on YouTube. This is a bad habit we have to find a way to stop.

Actively try to find out what is keeping you from having a good night’s sleep. Eventually, consistencies will show and you will find the reasons for your lack of sleeping pattern.



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