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What I Learned When I Got Life Insurance

I recently decided to get life insurance. I should have gotten it a very long time ago after my son was born, but better late than never, right? Life insurance is important when you have a family, and since I recently met a really great insurance agent and talked to him about my coverage, I went ahead and applied.

He got me a great policy right in the price range I wanted. Then of course I had to get a health screening that included gathering my weight, height and blood work. This is where the pleasant surprise came in. I don’t know the industry lingo but from what I understand there are 18 “tiers” of health that insurance companies have for people. The scale starts at 1 for people who can barely be insured and goes all the way through 18 for someone who tests with optimal health.

Well I received an 18! My agent was blown away, in a good way of course. He told me out the hundreds upon hundreds of people he’s insured, less than a handful have received that rating. For me, it was proof beyond how I feel that what I am doing really does work.

The best part about all of this? I would love to share with you everything I do to be healthy so you can be healthy too. I have three step-by-step programs (here, here and here) that focus on obtaining the healthiest way of living and eating for you. Every person is different and I can help you find what works for you, leading to a vibrant, thriving life (that also saves you a lot of money on life insurance!).



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