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What You Didn’t Know About The Keto Lifestyle

Forget every other dieting plan you’ve ever heard. If they treated carbs like any other normal food, they were lying to you. The ketogenic diet specifically targets carbs because it turns out that fat doesn’t make you fat, carbs do. Think about it, we convert everything we eat into fat. Fat is just stored energy our body uses when it needs it. So consuming fat, in fries, chips, butter, and meat isn’t as harmful as you thought. In fact, it’s a kind of ready-to-use energy. The word ‘complex’ only comes before carbs in the dieting world. Complex carbs mean they are tough to break down in order to store and use. So they sit on your body long-term. 

Breakfast is your first love

The reason why you only need a small bowl of cereal to feel full and raring to go is that most cereals are just carbs and sugar. You have a short-term and long-term boost. But, as we discussed, carbs tend to sit in your fat stores for a whole lot longer than anything else. You will learn to love breakfast again when you are eating keto dishes such as…

  • Greek yogurt and berries. It’s healthy fats, mixed with natural sugars. Short and medium-burning energy will more than happily get you to lunchtime.
  • Eggs and bacon: The classic never ceases to disappoint. Protein and fat from both the eggs and bacon, mean you get muscle-healing properties and medium-burning energy in one meal. Go on, have an extra ration!
  • Cheesy vegetable bake: it’s as good as you’re imagining it. Red onions, courgettes, red bell pepper, broccoli, sweetcorn and mushrooms, bathed in a hard cheese mix of cheddar and pecorino. You will fall in love with the keto breakfast with these options.

A little boost can help

Some people find that they hit a plateau with the keto diet. Like most things, your body becomes used to it and then your normal keto diet techniques start to become less effective. Thankfully, you can pair your meals with supplements specifically designed to gear your body towards fat burning. These are just some of the keto supplement reviews which you should take a few minutes to read. One of the products is called Keto Bodytone and it tells your body to instantly turn stored fat cells into usable energy instead of storing it. If you are properly sticking to a keto diet, your body will already be in the mood to use fat stores for energy, but this supplement will push it over the edge if you feel it’s stalling in speed and consistency.

What is missing out on?

The keto diet allows you to eat fried chicken, cheesy vegetable bakes, plenty of fatty steaks, all the avocado guacamole and salsa you want, along with smoked salmon, lamb stew, omelets, chicken parmesans, and barbecue ribs. What are you really missing out on? This diet is so easy to follow because you can still eat 90% of what you deem your guilty pleasures. Just stay away or control your carb intake and you’re on the home stretch to real weight loss.

You can take some supplements with the keto diet to tell your body to focus on burning fat instead of storing it. You can also have lots of fatty breakfast dishes instead of boring old cereal. What’s not to love?



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