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Why I Drink Kombucha And You Should Too

If you follow me on facebook or instagram you might notice I drink something called kombucha regularly. Three years ago, I was introduced to delicious drink through one of my best friends. She said it was suppose to be really amazing for our health, so I bought a bottle. It tasted great and I felt more energized after drinking it.

When I got home that night, I opened up Google and started doing research. What I found was pretty amazing. While the US has not done any scientific studies on the claimed health benefits, Russia and Germany have. Today I’m going to share 4 of it’s many claimed benefits along with additional resources if you want to learn more.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a health tonic that has been around for over 2000 years. It is a fermented sweetened tea and is naturally carbonated. It really hits the spot when one is craving a soda.

While fermented tea might not sound appealing, this fizzy beverage is attributed to many health benefits including preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis and other chronic conditions. Packed full of healthy bacteria (think yogurt), enzymes, vitamins and beneficial acids, you definitely want to give it a try. It is available at most health food stores, and around here, Safeway’s.

I personally haven’t made it at home, but many people do. It’s extremely cost effective, and from what I hear, can taste even better than store bought.

The Health Benefits

#1: Immune Boosting

Seventy percent of our immune system is located around our digestive system. When we consume foods that are highly processed, loaded with sugar and full of inflammatory vegetable oils, our gut bacteria get out of balance. (Learn more here.) Kombucha helps restore our healthy microbe. It also contains butryic and glucuronic acids which combined together strengthen the walls of our intestines. This combination helps prevent viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from getting into our blood stream and making us sick. On top of all this, it is extremely anti-oxidant rich.

#2: Detoxification

Regular detoxing gives us the blessing of a healthy liver, which in turn blesses us with overall health. Being rich in the enzymes our bodies makes/uses for detoxification it eases the burden on our pancreas and liver. Kombucha is rich in glucaric acid, a substance made in limited amounts in our bodies and is available in some foods. Glucaric acid is anticarcinogenic, aids in regulating estrogen levels and helps control cholesterol levels. 

#3: Energy Boosting

Kombucha is the “original energy drink.” It is a rich source of B vitamins, along with relieving the burden on our liver, gives us a natural energy boost.

B vitamins support our metabolic functions, optimizes the use of carbohydrates, help make serotonin and assist with the production and repair of our DNA. They also ease stress, depression, relieve PMS symptoms, even boost our memory!

#4: Joint Care

Rich in glucosamines, drinking kombucha daily can help prevent and treat various all forms of arthritis. Glucosamines help slow the progression of arthritis, reduce pain and stiffness (source). With many supplement forms are made with shellfish, kombucha is a great option for those with shellfish allergies.

Learn More:

In conclusion, I strongly believe in consuming fermented foods daily. Kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt (dairy or non), and kefir are all great options and easily incorporated into daily life. Personally, kombucha is my favorite and I can always tell when I haven’t drank it regularly. With so many flavors on the market, it’s easy to never get bored. Plus it really hits the spot when craving something fizzy.

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