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SIBO Guide and Meal Plans

Getting diagnosed with SIBO is often a relief. A relief to know you aren’t crazy and going to bed looking 6 months pregnant, in pain, and embarrassed each and every night is finally going to come to an end. It is! However, it’s going to take some work to get there! One long round of antibiotics isn’t enough to prevent SIBO from coming back. Once your SIBO test is negative, you need to go a step further to repair and repopulate your intestines. This requires a therapeutic diet for 3-6 months.

The Top 3 Diet Plans for SIBO

There are 3 diet plans most people typically follow. They are the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Low-FODMAPs, and The Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet (GAPS). All are designed to:

  • help repair the integrity of your intestinal lining
  • help prevent the regrowth of the bacteria you just wiped out with medication and the elemental diet
  • alleviate symptoms you’ve been having
  • and all are not meant to be a long-term lifestyle, but instead a temporary, therapeutic diet

When you start researching them, the list of allowed and forbidden foods is overwhelming. They all seem to conflict with each other, and it’s hard to know which diet is best. There’s no guidance on how to transition off of them and back into eating normally. Are you supposed to eat this way forever?

Thankfully you aren’t and you now finally have a protocol that not only repairs and prevents regrowth, but also helps you transition smartly back into a normal diet.

The Most Thorough and Realistic SIBO Protocol Available

The Geyer Protocol was developed by Dr. MaryK Geyer. She is a top expert in SIBO, stays on top of the latest research for reversing SIBO with an integrative approach. With her research and clinical experience, she developed a 6-phase diet protocol that partners with medication and herbal supplements to not only prevent SIBO from returning but also how to start reintroducing foods so that you don’t experience GI distress. The entire program lasts anywhere from 6-9 months then you are able to eat without restriction. YAY!

How The Geyer Protocol Is Different From the Other Programs Out There:

Her protocol is a 6- phase program that is designed to

  • help heal the damage SIBO has caused to your intestinal lining
  • prevent the regrowth of the bacteria you just eliminated
  • guide on how to reintroduce foods that have been forbidden during the healing process

The whole goal is to get you back to the point where you can eat a normal, healthy diet again, and never experience SIBO again.

Phases 1-3 are the meat of the protocol.

In these phases, you’ll be eliminating the food source of the bacterial overgrowth so that it dies off in the small intestine where it doesn’t belong, and stay in the large intestine where it does. Along with this, we’ll also be focusing on healing the integrity of your intestinal lining that has been compromised due to this overgrowth. This is a fundamental part that is often overlooked in other SIBO programs.

Phases 4-6 are when reintroduction happens.

Phases 4-6 are when foods are strategically reintroduced into your diet to prevent GI distress and avoid reactivated overgrowth.  You don’t want to rush back into eating all the foods that have previously been avoided as they can cause severe bloating, gas, and pain. Nor do you want the SIBO to return! You’ve worked hard and don’t want to throw it down the drain. This phase is a critical part of your healing journey and should not be skipped. By the end of phase 6, you’ll be eating a regular, healthy diet again!

What You Get With This Full SIBO Diet Program

You will not have to guess at all with this program. You will know exactly what you can (and cannot) eat with each phase plus you’ll know exactly when and how to start introducing foods that have been “illegal” so that you don’t experience any severe GI distress. With this full SIBO program, you will receive:

  • Meal plans that pair with the allowed foods in each phase so that you know exactly what to eat, with plenty of variety to prevent food boredom and overwhelm with the restrictions in place to heal your gut. No guessing in this program! You’ll be receiving a total of 6 full meal plans plus recipes to add in during the reintroduction phases (4-6).
  • Each meal plan comes with a completed shopping list so that you don’t even have to figure out what to buy. It’s done for you! When life gets crazy, your grocery list is done!
  • Over 60 recipes so that you don’t feel limited nor bored.
  • My in-depth guide on SIBO, what leads up to it, why and how this protocol works, all my pantry shortcuts and cooking tips, and “Can Eat” list so that you know exactly what you can eat versus dwelling on what you can’t.
  • 9 months of coaching support through regular emails. You won’t be alone through this program. We will be in touch regularly talking about how to work through common struggles while on this short-term diet including how to talk to friends and family, how to dine out and travel, help improving sleep, managing stress, and so much more.
  • No guessing on when to start each phase. You’ll get an email beforehand letting you know when, how best to prep, and tips to make it a simple transition.
  • One  1:1 coaching session with me for individualized support and guidance. Every person has unique challenges, I want to help you overcome any potential roadblock to your post-SIBO healing.

You deserve to feel good again and you don’t have to be alone on the journey to get back there. This program was designed with you in mind. To make your life a million times easier, less stressful, and full of delicious food that is easy to cook and shop for. Getting healthy shouldn’t be miserable!

The full 6-phase meal plan program is $449.

When you purchase the program you will immediately get an email giving you full access to all the information you need for Phases 1-3. You will get a full-on guide that dives deep into each part of the protocol, all my shopping shortcuts, cooking tips, and more. You’ll also be able to review the meal plans with each phase, the legal/illegal list, and much more. From there you’ll be receiving emails from me leading you into phases 1, then 2, then 3. And from there, regular emails addressing different things you may run into and how to troubleshoot them, plus general wellness information to make you the healthiest version of yourself yet. 12 weeks in you’ll start getting emails to lead you back into reintroducing foods and access to the information for phases 4-6.



Marian Mitchell Road to Living Whole Health Coach Phoenix Arizona

Meet Marian

Marian Mitchell is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Fellow Chronic Illness Warrior, Mom, Meal Planning, and Therapeutic Diet Expert. During her own journey learning how to use food to help alleviate her chronic illness symptoms, she learned she has a gift for taking any set of dietary restrictions and creating recipes and meal plans around them. She loves making your life easier during the hard season of feeling awful all of the time.  She teaches you how to eat while in a flare and how to eat when you’re not and want to avoid another one.

Disclaimer: The goal of these programs are to help you take control of your health and for you to feel the best you possibly can! These programs are not meant to take the place of working with a qualified health care professional, and are not designed to diagnose or treat any diseases or medical conditions. Any advice provided is not a medical diagnosis or medical treatment plan.

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