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4 Surprising Everyday Habits That Are Sneaking Up on Your Smile

4 Surprising Everyday Habits That Are Sneaking Up on Your Smile

Needless to say, everyone learns something new when they visit their dentist. Oh yes, even if you’re already flossing, using mouthwash, and everything else, they’re always going to tell you of something else that you should be doing in order to get a better smile. So, with that said, if you’re following all the standard guidelines for oral hygiene and you’re still ending up in the dentist’s chair, then something is up, right? 

After all, your oral health is the gateway to your overall health. Well, sometimes, it’s the little things that are hardly even thought about that can sneak up and sabotage your smile. Yeah, sometimes, these things really do surprise you! But what are these potential habits exactly? Well, keep reading on to find out!

Mindless Munching

Who doesn’t love to snack? But when you graze throughout the day, especially on sugary treats or starchy snacks, you’re giving those cavity-causing bacteria a real feast. Honestly, nowadays, it’s hard to avoid sugar; it’s practically in everything! Even the bread you eat for breakfast is loaded up with sugar. So, when you eat, whether it be lunch, snacks, or whatever, you have to be more mindful of it.  

These sugars produce acids that attack your teeth long after you’ve finished your snack. So, it’s a good idea to try to keep snacking to a minimum. When you do snack, go for something tooth-friendly like carrots, almonds, or a piece of cheese. These aren’t nearly as bad for your teeth.

Teeth are Not Tools

Do you ever use your teeth for things that really shouldn’t involve teeth, such as opening packages or cracking open nuts? While these might seem like convenient shortcuts, they’re not. These habits can lead to chips or even breaks. There are plenty of videos shared online of people chipping their teeth because they used their teeth as a tool. So, next time, take a second to grab scissors or a nutcracker. Your teeth will thank you for not treating them like a Swiss Army knife!

Go Easy on the Whitening

Those smiles you see from stars, influencers, models, and so on are swoon-worthy, right? Especially those bright pearly whites! But overdoing it with whitening products can make your teeth sensitive and irritate your gums. Some of these products are known for that, but a lot of people still want to make their teeth as white as humanly possible. However, it’s best to just stick to the recommended guidelines for any whitening treatment (and these usually tell you to wait a few days after each application). 

Ice is for Chilling, Not Chewing

It’s tempting to crunch on an ice cube after you finish your drink, but this habit can be risky for your teeth. Seriously, it’s super risky. Chewing on hard substances, like ice, can create tiny cracks in your enamel, setting the stage for bigger problems down the road. So it’s best to keep ice in the glass and out of your bite; your teeth will thank you for that. 



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