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3 Areas To Check To See If You Have A Healthy Home

When you think of your home, you probably consider it to be one of the safest places (perhaps the safest place) you know. It’s where you find peace, relaxation, where you can enjoy time with your family or get away from the busy crowds. You might not think it could be an unhealthy place to be, especially if you know you have good food in the cupboards and exercise regularly. How could your home be unhealthy? Read on to find out and discover which areas you should be checking to see if you have a healthy home.  

Your Clutter Could Be Causing You Stress 

Clutter can get everywhere in a house, so in this case, it’s something you’ll need to check every room for. You may not think that having a little mess around the place is problematic, but the truth is that this little bit of mess could be causing you and your family some harm. 

 Your clutter could be making you stressed. 

 This is because it will make your home feel much smaller than it is, and when you are trying to enjoy the space, especially when other people are living with you, it can feel as though you are all on top of one another, and this is stressful. Plus, if there is no order to anything, something as simple as picking up your purse and keys on the way out of the door might prove to be a challenge since they are in a different place each time. 

 To de-stress and enjoy your home more, declutter as much as you can and have a specific place for everything you decide to keep. 

 Your Bathroom Could Contain Mold 

Mold is not something that looks too attractive, but you might think that is the end of the story; if you see it that it’s not causing any harm to your health but is something that, at some point, you’ll clear away. 

 The truth is that mold is much more dangerous than you might think, and if you see it growing anywhere in your home (but especially in your bathroom since mold needs dampness and warmth to grow and the bathroom offers it exactly that), you need to remove it immediately, being very careful not to breathe in the mold spores when you do. 

 Mold is dangerous because it can exacerbate breathing conditions like asthma, and it can set off allergies which can lead to breathing problems in themselves. The worst molds can even be fatal. 

 Your Bed Could Be Why You Can’t Sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. It helps us fight off illness, it makes us more productive, it gives us more energy, and it allows our bodies to heal, boosting our immune systems along the way. So if you’re finding that you aren’t sleeping very well or that it’s hard to get off to sleep at all, it’s good to find a reason for this issue. 

 In some cases, the reason might actually be the bed you’re trying to get to sleep on. Or rather, it might be the mattress that’s the problem. Having a mattress that is too firm or too soft for your sleeping position is an issue that can lead to lack of sleep, and so too is having an old, lumpy mattress. 

 If your mattress is over seven years old, then it is certainly time to change it, but you might still need to switch it for something else, even if it’s newer. If you sleep on your back, you’ll need a softer mattress than if you sleep on your front or side because the mattress must support your entire skeleton. 



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