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4 Exciting Ways To Level Up Your Fiber Intake

On the face of it, fiber isn’t a glamorous subject. Anything linked to your bowel movements isn’t going to be overly exciting, so it’s no surprise that the substance itself is less than exotic. Still, the nutrient is vital to everyday bodily functions, which is why you can’t forget about it entirely. If anything, you probably need to add more fiber to your diet. However, it doesn’t have to be boring, far from it. The incredible thing about this monotonous matter is that it’s found in a range of ingredients. Therefore, if you add a splash of creativity and a dash of a can-do attitude, you can spice up your life and your meals!

Eat Mexican Dishes

Straight off the bat. It doesn’t get much better than eating Mexican food. If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting the country, you’ll know how good the meals are, from traditional tacos and enchiladas to sopes. A top tip – the sopes at are very authentic. The great thing about Mexico is, the locals use lots of beans and avocado in their cooking, so most dishes are packed with fiber. You don’t even have to research them as they’re almost guaranteed to be fibrous!

Have Avocado For Dessert

Speaking of avocado, it’s not a shock if you already implement it throughout your diet. After all, the green fruit is one of the most popular ingredients in the world right now. However, the problem people have is that they overuse it, and it gets boring. What you need to do is keep on eating it for its fiber purposes, but mix up the meals. For example, there’s nothing wrong with avocado and ice-cream for dessert. even points out that it’s vegan, which means it’s suitable for all dietary requirements.

Switch Chips For Popcorn

Everyone loves to snack, and chips are the usual snack of choice. But, apart from being salty, they’re full of empty calories. If you’re screaming, “there aren’t any snacks that are good for you,” you’re wrong. And, what you’re about to see isn’t a reference to fruit or veggies. Ladies and gents, we give you – popcorn. Yes, the snack of movie theaters around the world features’s list of fibrous foods you should eat because it contains 14.4 grams of fiber per 100 gram serving. Just avoid adding too much salt and sugar as they ruin the calorie content.

Stick With Brown

Carbs are the enemy. Well, they aren’t, but they aren’t great for you. On the flip side, they are full of fiber, so they aren’t all bad, apart from the fact that they are starchy and require burning off or else they’ll lead to weight gain. Ah. Thankfully, brown versions of staples such as bread, pasta, and rice are less fattening since they contain fewer chemicals. The good news is, they still have the same amount of fiber, which means you can enjoy a spaghetti bolognese without the intense feelings of guilt!

Just because fiber isn’t exciting doesn’t mean the dishes are, too.

4 Exciting Ways To Level Up Your Fiber Intake



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