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5 Money Saving Beauty Products You Need Today

Everyday we are bombarded with 1000’s of man made chemicals. Our bodies are amazing machines and can handle all the toxic bi-products of just living and some of the toxins that are out there. However, it cannot handle everything we throw at it in today’s world. From our soaps and makeup to chemicals in our cars, homes and offices, let’s not even go into what is in food these days…there is a lot floating around our bodies don’t even recognize yet alone handle.

Reducing the man made chemical load on our bodies is essential for weight loss, reducing acne and body odor, glowing skin, and just plain feeling good. It does not have to be expensive is the best part. Today I am going share with you 5 low cost beauty products I feel are completely essential to a healthy beauty routine. They are affordable, versatile, and your skin will be gorgeous head to toe.

1.Witch Hazel
This stuff is the most recent addition to my beauty routine. It’s incredibly versatile. I use it as a toner and spot treatment for acne that pops up around that time of the month. It’s also great for reducing bruising, treating razor burn, getting rid of puffy eyes, reducing pain and swelling from varicose veins, help reduce the itchiness and pain in bug bites and soothe sunburns.

2. Bentonite Clay
I first discovered it as a way to get rid of zits fast. Take 1-2 tbsp of the clay and mix with just enough apple cider vinegar (ACV) to make a paste. Apply to your skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. You’ll feel your skin pulsing. It’s pretty cool actually. When you take the mask off, you’ll be amazed at how small zits become, how fast they come to a head and blackheads will pretty much disappear. As time has passed, I have learned about the many healing properties of this amazing clay. This clay can be used for: remineralizing teeth, reducing mercury toxicity, heavy metal detoxing, reducing infection in wounds, and can be taken internally as a form of detoxing. I would probably consult with a homeopathic doctor before taking it internally though.

3. Dry Brush
 I love dry brushing. It is the easiest way to reduce cellulite, aid in removing toxins stored in your fat cells, improve circulation, help your lymphatic system stay on the top of its game, get that super soft, touchable skin we all desire, unclog the pores on the surface of our skin and shed dead skin cells and it feels really good. A wonderful way to get energized for the day. Learn how to dry brush here.

4. Jojoba Oil
Cuticle oil, facial moisturizer, eye makeup remover, body moisturizer and great protector from chlorine in pools. Moisturizing without being oily and your skin just glows. I love it.

5. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is used in many, many ways. In the kitchen it is used for cooking, baking, as a non dairy coffee creamer, and in making many non bake desserts. For the body is is used as a mouthwash (oil pulling), in homemade toothpaste, a great moisturizer for those who have oily skin, help clear up acne, use as a carrier oil for therapeutic oils, diaper rash prevention, help soothe eczema, a deep conditioner treatment for hair and so much more.

I use all of these products daily and I love knowing that I’m using products that help build me up, not tear me down. I love knowing I’m getting great results and no man made chemicals polluting my body.

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