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Benefits of Vegetables for Your Skin

Yes, it is true that the quality of your skin is mostly determined by your genes, but does it mean you need not make an effort of improving it? The answer is a big no. Incorporating the most healthy vegetables in your diet can greatly improve the health of your skin to keep it supple, fresh, and reduce the signs of aging. The good thing does not stop there, while you are eating healthy and focusing on your skin improvement, the vegetables supply vitamins and nutrients for your overall health.  

Let us take a look at some of the most healthy vegetables for your skin. 

There’s a reason why Bugs Bunny loves carrots.  carrots for skin

The iconic cartoon we all love is almost never seen without a carrot in his hand, because truthfully it is a must-eat vegetable. This type of orange and yellow vegetable are rich in carotenoids that get converted into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is another antioxidant that aids in slowing down the agin process by giving protection to the body from toxins. In addition, carrots are high in beta-carotene, that protects your skin from sun damage. 

Spinach blends with everything.  spinach for skin

This leafy vegetable goes well with whatever you’re planning to make, it can be mixed with fruits to create a green smoothie, or even just lightly tossed in a pan with salt and pepper as side dish. This antioxidant food reduces wrinkles, it works by flushing out toxins to allow clearer and glowing skin to be seen. Apart from being a body cleanser, spinach also packs a lot of lutein, a mineral to keep your eyes healthy. A clear skin and sparkling eyes, what more can you ask for? 

Sweet potatoes as side dish.  sweet potatoes for skin

Just like carrots, sweet potatoes are best for you skin because of all the beta-carotene you’ll get. This vegetable is a natural antioxidant that contains Vitamin E that adds protection to your skin against UV damage. Sweet potatoes go with almost anything, adding sweetness to any savory dish, and of course the crunch provides additional texture. This vegetable can even be served baked, mash, or just grilled, so you have no excuse not to be able to incorporate it to your diet.  

Broccoli as antioxidant.  broccoli for skin

Vitamin C does not only come from citrus fruits, broccoli packs a lot of it too. The Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for the body that helps in producing collagen, a protein that makes your skin elastic. This vegetable that looks like a little tree delivers antioxidant properties to keep body away from free radicals. 

Pumpkins for anti-aging.  pumpkin for skin

The main concern for our skin is usually the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because of aging. Fear not, pumpkins can save the day. Squashed pumpkin, sliced pumpkin, pumpkin pie, whichever way you want to consume it, the same beta-carotene will protect your body. 

Green peas for your skin elasticity.  peas for skin

Green peas are usually the ones we leave on our plates when we were kids and our parents would scold us for wasting food. They have a point, green peas have a lot of selenium, a trace mineral that gives our skin the elasticity it needs to withstand the daily stresses caused by pollution and tugging of skin. Selenium allows the skin to be firm and also shields our body from harmful UV rays. 

Tomatoes for any dish you prefer.  tomatoes for skin

Firstly, tomatoes are fruits, but these just go well with almost any dish that we often think of it as a vegetable. From salads, pastas, and even pot dishes, tomatoes are just a staple in the kitchen. This antioxidant food is rich with lycopene, so you benefit not only from a scrumptious meal but also with glowing skin. It is a natural sunscreen from within the body, and even helps tighten pores and lessen any pimple growth. 

The proper diet is not only for the skin, it is for the overall health of your body. The effects may not be that obvious when starting to incorporate these foods, but later on your body will thank you. With a little creativity in creating dishes and adding these vegetables, you’ll be sure to have clearer skin. Also, if you think there’s anything we’ve missed, do not forget to leave a comment. If you enjoyed reading this, do not forget to share, so others may know what they’re missing. 

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jane collinsJane Collins is a Founder of G9SleepTight, a blog dedicated to providing many useful tips and guides to help you have a good night’s sleep. Follow Jane on Twitter: @g9sleeptight


Benefits of vegetables for your skin




19 thoughts on “Benefits of Vegetables for Your Skin”

  1. I started eating better as part of a weight loss journey a couple of years ago. Of course, this meant eating more vegetables and fewer processed food. I noticed a difference within a month!

    1. It can happen quickly. Sometimes it’ll get worse before it gets better due to detoxing but it really is a quick process.

  2. This is great information! I love veggies, pretty much all veggies and always feel better when I eat them. They make a huge different in my complexion too.

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