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Clean Living Is The Key To Unlock The Health Door

After almost every workshop and program for cleansing the body at home, the question arises – how to proceed from here? How can we take this simple sense of vitality, vitality, sharpness, energy and joy of life, which becomes available to us in the process of cleansing the body, into our daily lives? How do you make a healthy diet an integral part of your daily routine?

Body cleansing is the gate that opens for us towards a healthy lifestyle. After cleansing the body we are faced with a valuable opportunity. Now that we have been given the opportunity to stop for a moment, and look at all those habits and patterns that drive us most often unconsciously when it comes to our relationship to our body and our sources of nourishment, we have the opportunity to make a difference and start living a healthy lifestyle. The change available to us now is not only about our diet, but also the possibility of re-examining our lifestyle and the various elements in our lives that create the quality and reality of our lives.

Beyond a healthy lifestyle is a way of life that includes the right balance between the various elements that provide nourishment in our lives. It is a path that begins with a positive approach to life, and requires self-discipline.

How do you get started?

Here are some keys that will help you root out the healthy lifestyle in your life. When you start adopting these keys you will be surprised to find out how old habits and patterns fall out of you and that all of these aspects are completely intertwined. Your life will open to life at a “high frequency”, you will find the beauty and depth in everything in your life and an energy of joy, satisfaction and satisfaction will fill your life. Spiritual growth and development will become an integral part of your life. You can include supplements also to assist, such as cbd hemp oil for sale to further assist.


The first and most significant step in entering and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a detoxification body. In the modern lifestyle it is not possible to prevent the accumulation of toxins in our body so it is important to help the body drain the toxins out by fasting juices at least once a year or one cleansing and refreshing day a month. This blessed process actually reboots our body and is our foundation for entering a healthy lifestyle. 


At the heart of a healthy lifestyle is a balanced diet. Natural diet, of unprocessed food. Be sure to give your body the best food available, a food full of “prana” (life energy). Agree to incorporate and prepare new and healthy foods in your life. Maintain the principles of healthy eating (quantities, quality, conscious eating).

Freedom from addictions

One of the most prominent hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle is our ability not to be driven by any kind of addiction. Being “homeowners” and having the real choice. When we act from this state we feel power and confidence in our body’s inner abilities to make the right choices for us, from a balanced and authentic place. Emotional eating habits, coffee, sugar and alcohol and cigarettes are an important turning point in your life.

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clean living is the key to health's door



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